What will Happen to our Society if the Structure of Family Breaks down?

If the structure of family breaks down?! How much worse would the so-called structure of a family have to get before it is considered “broken down”? How many more ten year-olds have to be shot by other ten year-olds on their way to class? How many more fourteen year-olds have to be impregnated by a twenty something while high on heroin? Even the definition of family has been distorted. Everyone knew family meant a dad, mum, two and a half kids…. plus the dog. Now, family can mean two mums, a nanny, the mum’s gay brothers, two kids, three dogs, and two cats. Sounds rather simple, you would think.

It is like a domino effect. If the father or mother proves to be irresponsible and/or absent, the kids will end up the same. The boys will be drunkards and cheaters like their father and the girls will end up with drunkards and cheaters because a father is a girl’s role model for the kind of man she will end up with. I wonder how her kids will end up.

Excuse the conservative, old-fashioned view. These are the kinds of views that will excite feminists and gay parents to the point of marching and protesting, maybe even going on TV to counter these old-fashioned, biased views by using their powerful, charismatic, and bigger-than life personas to influence us, the little people. What do we know, right? Somewhere along the lines, entertainers became great role models for marriages and parenting. I mean, come on! They played one on TV so they must know what they are talking about.

There is no if. Our society has been in a state of decline for quite some time now. The good thing about is we have our answer for this article title. Women have kids with three different fathers. Fathers are absent from their children’s lives, and when they show up, they are abusive and moronic. Kids feel unloved, so they are influenced by the first group of kids that accept them, which happen to be drug dealers and gang-bangers. Mothers leave their fatherless children with their parents, or anybody that will take them for that matter, so they can “party”.

Our projects and urban cities are filled with these examples. Don’t you watch daytime TV? Morals are passed down for the most part. When children grow up and see that the almighty money is king in the household, so it shall be in his household. That child will grow up and pass up family time for overtime. He will do whatever it takes to get as much money as possible as fast as possible. He will be a crooked politician. He will be a greedy investor.

These are the same people that are in charge of our laws and economy. Hmm. How about that? Watch Jerry Springer, CNN, and FOX news and the plethora of American and Italian soap operas to find out what happens when parents stop being parents and kids grow up to be parents that stop being parents. Does anybody care about anybody other than themselves?

2 thoughts on “What will Happen to our Society if the Structure of Family Breaks down?

  • Reply Ramon Casha 24th January 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Actually the things you mentioned have been happening for millennia.

    Thousands of people were raised by their mother and her sister when the father was killed in the war. Others were raised by their mother alone because the father just left. Some were raised by their grandmother because their mother was a teenager when she had them – one of the many girls who were precipitously and mysteriously taken out of school and disappeared for many months – abroad or in Gozo – until they returned and announced they had a new baby “brother” or “sister”. And yes, there have always been gays and lesbians living together and raising children. They just had to pretend to be single.

    Contrary to what you said, society is becoming better. Much better in my view – just because we are removing the discrimination and stigma attached to being gay, or having a gay son. Fewer kids are being thrown out into the street for being gay. Nobody would think of attacking a mother for not having a husband living with her. All these things were much more commonplace. THAT is what’s changing. We are slowly becoming less judgemental and realising how hurtful discrimination is.

    • Reply Bernard Micallef 29th January 2014 at 12:52 am

      Ramon, even though I agree that we have removed, or are removing, discrimination which leaves us with a better and more open society, I think this same openness is being taken too far. Liberty and freedom are the buzz words, and in the name of liberty we are losing a clear vision and structure for our society. This is not about being idealistic, it is about having a solid foundation on which to built society, with clear values.

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