Why agara? Why Lebanon?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi. Volunteering gives you a chance to change at least one individual’s perspective to life, be it by helping physically, financially, emotionally or socially, it gives you time to build a relationship with a person who can’t always see the silver lining.

Why agara? agara’s vision is the empowerment of individuals within their communities. Through it’s PoléPolé projects, agara provides vulnerable individuals’s with the opportunity to acquire IT skills which eventually help these people gain more job opportunities.

So, why Lebanon? Lebanon is a host country to 1.5 million refugees mainly from Syria. These refugees lack needs, fundamental needs. agara believes that IT skills are nowadays a fundamental need. Thus, being part of agara’s Lebanon Project team will provide the leisure for someone to equip these refugees with a fighting chance for a better life after the gain asylum far from their beloved homes and families.

It is indeed a cliche to say that as a volunteer you receive much more than you give, but it is reality. Volunteering helps make your life worth living… it makes you ask questions and thus makes you see the bigger picture of life. Remember, you’re donating your valuable time; so make sure to enjoy and benefit from the experience and celebrate your peace of mind by giving, as the more we give, the happier we feel.

agara's aim is to walk together with different communities and individuals all over the world to empower them in their respective environments.

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