Ukraine: A Drop in the Ocean

There are some moments in our lives when you clearly realize that your life would never remain the same. Such a moment was on the early morning on 30th of November. Sunrise was darkened by horrible news but, like a candle, we had a hope in our hearts.

I won’t tell how many tears were shed; I won’t say that barricades made of flowers in honour of Heavenly Hundred are still lying on the streets of Kyiv… I’d rather tell you about changes in Ukrainian society that took place.

We retaught the meaning of dignity and humanity. We saw how people were giving their all: money, food, clothes, time and health in order to be free and to build country where everyone dares to dream.

There was a big push for youth creativity. Hundreds of initiatives and activities spread all over the country. In order to be helpful, young people put their innovative ideas, knowledge and skills to good use; from organising information campaigns, to cleaning streets and volunteering as journalists and interpreters. I believe that everyone was making every effort to change something.

And maybe the most important thing of all… we changed ourselves. We realized our full responsibility for our future and future of next generation. I would say we understood the power of a drop in the ocean. What does it stand for?

To be a drop in the ocean.  To be the one who can see colours when everything is grey, who can see smiles when everyone is crying, who can feel spirit of freedom in the smoke and who always believes.

One thought on “Ukraine: A Drop in the Ocean

  • Reply Martin Bruno 10th March 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Ms Liliya’s article brings into the limelight a desired renewal empowering Ukrainians to move forward: a legitimate desire to consolidate their social, economic, and political wellbeing.
    There is a darker side to these events, perhaps less inviting to speak of: can Russia be assured that it will not find itself confronting a Nato infringement (its traditional enemy) over what historically it considers to be its sphere of influence? Independently of likes or dislikes, pro Western or pro Russian,
    this is an issue underlining the current crisis that needs addressing.
    Meanwhile, may all Ukrainians live in peace and prosper, and may these inspiring drops of goodwill and hope multiply.

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