Two immigration stories: pick your choice

Story 1: Adrian, the father of a middleclass family opened the front door one morning to take out the garbage bag, only to find a whole family of five beggars, nearly dead from hunger, in his front yard. He first asked them politely to leave but they could not understand him. Then he forcefully tried to push them away but to no avail. So he called the police.With a solemn voice the police said, “I’m sorry but now you are obliged to take care of them, the law stipulates that they are your responsibility. Have a nice day.” Adrian stood perplexed, why on earth were they his responsibility? But what could he do? After a discussion with his wife they agreed to put the beggars in the garage. Reluctantly, he took out his brand new car, shoved the beggars inside, closed the door, and left for work.Throughout his day he thought hard of ways in which he could do away with the new inconvenience. What about his new car which would now have to stay outside? That evening he decided to seek help from the neighbours. He pleaded with them to help him and possibly take some of the beggars. Some neighbours pitied him and gave him some food while one of them came along and took the youngest strongest-looking beggar (he could help out in his fields).

Adrian was by now resigned to live with the beggars and decided that if he is going to feed them, he might as well make the best of it. He started ordering them around the house like slaves while they did all the housework and any menial task he could think of. The beggars hated him for all this and they didn’t carry out the jobs very well, frequently breaking stuff around the house with their clumsiness.

Adrian could not understand their ingratitude: he was sacrificing his car, feeding them, and putting up with the stench coming from the garage. Instead of thanking him, all he was getting were angry looks and poor quality work. He really wanted to kill them if he had the chance!

Story 2: Mark, the father of a middle income family opened the front door one morning to take out the garbage bag, only to find a whole family of five beggars, nearly dead from hunger, in his front yard. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. He quickly called out his wife and they helped them into the kitchen and gave them a warm meal: the beggars consisted of a family of three children and husband and wife. The oldest child was around sixteen while the youngest was still eight. Their names were Stephen, Lora, and Matthew while their parents’ were Peter and Catherine.Mark called work and took the day off. He went upstairs and took out some extra mattresses from the boxroom and fitted them as he could in the spare bedroom. After having finished their meal, Mark showed them around the house and helped them make themselves comfortable in the spare bedroom.When Mark’s children came back from school that day, they were thrilled to find three new friends waiting for them. Soon the house was brimming with excitement and play.

In the following weeks a lot of effort was put into getting their lives back to normal as much as possible. The children were sent to school while their parents both found a job. Peter and Catherine were so grateful for the help they got from Mark that they offered him their salaries. But he refused to take it all; he simply accepted enough money to cover the extra costs he was incurring.

Not many months went by before Peter announced that they had saved enough money and were ready to move on. They sincerely thanked Mark and his family for their support and promised that they would never forget the help they got.

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