To educators

We live in dark times, fellow educator.

By educator, I am referring to you parents; you who live next door to someone; you who work with people; and especially you, who are a teacher. In this letter I am not judging what a journalist has done and how she carried out her work. I am concerned for many other reasons. Someone has been assassinated. Someone has been assassinated in broad daylight. We all have opinions and yet none of us is directly responsible for what happened. We live in a society where we have been indoctrinated to be obsessed about ourselves and perhaps our little niche around us. Nothing else, beyond our little circle, is of concern to us.

We are living in a society where we are teaching our children, the future generation, the future ministers and authority of this democratic country, that it is OK to kill someone in order to silence him. Worse, that it is OK not to show any interest about the news altogether, for the simple reason that it does not concern me. As I said, I do not want to judge what this journalist has done, for we can only judge our personal actions. But I cannot understand how we can remain indifferent to this harsh reality. Maintaining this individualistic and egoistic approach is not normal. This is not normal. Yet even though we might be vaguely aware of this, our children have not heard us.

We all have some contact with a child in some way or another. Let us take this dark and sad event as an opportunity to educate them. Let us not use schools as mere instruments to teach children syllabi, but let us use schools to educate children about what it means to be human. Let us use schools to educate them into being good leaders. Let us use schools to show children that we are all responsible for what has happened and will remain responsible till we start acting and change this laissez-faire attitude.

Everyone can make a small difference, no matter how minimal it may be. But it may be a huge lesson to that child who witnessed it, who may one day lead the country your own child may be forced to live in.

What are you doing to do?

Maria graduated in BEd in 2011 and completed an MA in Social Justice and Education in 2012. She took part in a number of voluntary work experiences with the Missionaries of Charity both locally and abroad, and she currently teaches Chemistry at a boys' secondary school.

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  • Reply Elaine Sultana 20th October 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Well said, Maria. What you have written is just not talked about often enough. Our children need to know what INTEGRITY is, and why despite going to church (or not) you need to apply the creed into which we are baptized into our ENTIRE LIVES. That we have the right to free and UNCHALLENGED speech. That we must pay our taxes and pay even for a late entry into a leisure area. That we do NOT judge people by the colour of their skin, that what we WOMEN have to say, also matters. That it is IMPORTANT and NECESSARY to vote, and not to vote for our self-interest alone, but with our HEARTS and CONSCIENCES too. We are human beings, not CYPHERS.

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