Time to Grow

Travelling is a mystery in itself; it is a reality that needs to be experienced in order for it to be understood.

Whilst travelling, we are more connected with what is happening around us: with the people, with the country and with its lifestyle. As a result of meeting new individuals and coming across new situations we are challenged and we grow. We become more open to others and to the situations we come across.

Having lived in Malmö for over a month now, a thing that strikes me is the punctuality of the Swedes. Back home, I was often frustrated with people who come late to meetings and events.

Being punctual is not only about being prudent, but it is also about respecting yourself and your own priorities. What stopped me from making it in time? Was it an endless scrolling on Facebook? Am I taking on too many commitments?

When making these connections, we start to discover more and more what we really want in our lives. This is where we start to want something else, something different, and something more. By that we come to understand a bit better the mystery of a journey but also the mystery of ourselves as it is played out in that journey.

Martina-Anne is reading a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at the University of Malta and is currently participating in an exchange programme at Malmö University.

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