Threatening Pictures and Words

My cat has recently been staring at me in a puzzled way while I stretch and shout with Cassey Ho on the Blogilates Channel on YouTube. Cassey is a wonderful fitness instructor based in the U.S. who specializes in Pilates – she publishes videos on YouTube regularly.  It was she and her article that inspired me to write this post about modern day illnesses and perceptions and what I feel is their primary cause.

We frequently hear about anorexia, bulimia and how ‘evil’ people in the fashion industry are for employing skinny girls and deciding for us that we should feel bad for not being exactly like them. Is it just me or do you find my previous statement insulting? Why can’t we be strong to decide for ourselves and not perceive all photos and quotes as an attack or an objective of what we have to be?

Another thing which inspired me to write this article was this picture of Maria Kang – which was described as ‘controversial’ and she earned the title of ‘fat shamer’. Some people went as far as saying as she can’t be a “real mom” because “she doesn’t have hips and that probably means she doesn’t have an a** either”. On a similar note I also notice naturally skinny girls being attacked for what they are – ‘because you’re too thin’ ‘she must be anorexic’ and so on.

What I see in this picture is a woman who worked hard to achieve her goals – I know that I can never look like her, or a Victoria’s Secret model for that matter. But I find this girl an inspiration, not just because she looks healthy but also because she kept focused and achieved what she wished for. And isn’t that what we should be doing? Work hard to achieve what we want in life? Whether it’s a job we’re happy in, that new home we always wished for… we all have goals and dreams.
I think that instead of blaming these ‘modern day’ illnesses on particular entities and shifting hatred towards people, we should work on our confidence, whose lack of, in my opinion and generally speaking, is the primary cause of these illnesses and our self-hate. I think it is about taking control of one’s life, truly loving oneself, know one’s limitations and surrounding yourself with people who will support what YOU truly want.

It is easier to feel jealous towards someone, especially with today’s social media where everyone constantly speaks just about their best moments – have you ever seen someone’s status on Facebook saying how ugly they feel today or how pathetic they think their life is?

No, usually people post pictures of wonderful places been too, scrumptious dishes they have cooked or tasted and the newest stuff they have bought. Believe me, everyone has these moments – and the moment when we get realistic and think of everyone as an imperfect human being with feelings, we will be stronger and more emphatic towards one another.

Some blogs and a book that I find really helpful (and truly wish I’ve discovered earlier in life!)


Jessica Harlow’s Channel on YouTube

Cassey Ho from Blogilates

The Success Principles by Jack Cranfield

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm


Important note: If you think you have an eating disorder, or you know that someone might be suffering from one, please seek professional help at once.

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