The ice-cream genius

The heat is up. Summer is in. And the going gets tougher as soon as you hit the unsheltered pavement. Life is indeed beautiful, yet the weather and several other issues tend to create that much disliked wet blanket effect.

If there was a choice I would do away with rising temperatures and go for a pleasantly boring constant spring-time – enough warmth short of a trickle of perspiration, enough rain to keep our immediate eco-system going. Friends further up north would probably also opt for a change and forget all about storms and swollen rivers. Ineffectual ignorance on the consequential effects of such choices can really be bliss at times.

Not being able to change everything to our leisure at whim, never mind the weather, presents its challenges. It also spurs, or rather it requires, creativity to address these. In the face of adverse conditions one needs to get going. This brings me to the ice-cream genius/es. In an era of unpatented discoveries, unacknowledged inventors and limited historical accounts, the mixing of ice and tasty ingredients from the fruits of the earth took place across

various regions of the world giving way to snow-cooled drinks. With further experimentation and adaptation of technological developments this was fine-tuned along the centuries into what we call ice-cream. If these pioneering mixers had given in to the lethargy and irritability induced in us by the rising temperatures we would be that much poorer. Such a situation is true to a multitude of other initiatives.

Life, always beautiful, is not a smooth-going journey and expecting it to be otherwise is like trying to do away with some of its intrinsic elements. We are not helpless, though we may be in need of help. The goal is not to miss the wood for the trees, and in the process keep our sight on the wider perspective.

Peter, the apostle often remembered for his moments of weakness as well as for being chosen as the Church’s leader, wrote to his Christian brothers living in a pagan world: “Keep sober and alert, because your enemy the devil is on the prowl like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand up to him, strong in faith and in the knowledge that it is the same kind of suffering that the community of your brothers throughout the world is undergoing. You will have to suffer only for a little while…” (1Pt:8-10).

The heat is up. Summer is in. Taking the proverbial leaf out of a children’s TV series, I take the opportunity to thank the geniuses who invented ice-cream. It provides a really good, wholesome antidote to the heat. And when the going gets tougher, much in the same spirit as those early ice-cream makers… be alert, stand up and be strong in the faith. Summer will only be here for a little while.

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