The honeymoon phase – now that’s a tricky one!

A few days ago, my friends and myself were casually speaking about relationships and about the general duration of the ‘honeymoon period’ a couple gets to live during the first months of the relationship; that time when the couple is the most intoxicated with magic and never-ending excitement towards one another.

But what I love to notice and observe are those couples who get to enjoy this honeymoon stage for much longer than just the initial few months together… Those couples who despite the number of years spent together still refer to their partners and call them by their pet names; those couples who still know how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to each other; those couples who still find ways to compliment each other, those couples who still look into each other’s eyes momentarily whilst clinking their glasses of wine; those couples who still find moments to whisper something funny into their partner’s ears and giggle happily like children.

Who said that the honeymoon period can only last for a few weeks/months?! Maybe it’s my usual romanticism kicking in, but I believe that love and commitment can keep everything fresh in a relationship, even a large degree of that initial infatuation.

Your views about this?

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