Save the jungle!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a refugee? I have done that a thousand times, and so far I still have not got a reply. However I can tell what it feels like to sit next to one, to feel welcome in their own camps, to feel safe surrounded by hundreds of refugees. I can tell what it feels like to come back home and drying the stream of tears because of the persons we had left behind. But this is to be continued in the upcoming articles as there is a more urgent matter to deal with. It is hard to flee your own country. It is even harder to flee your temporary home, and to see your only refuge demolished. That’s the fate that the refugees in Calais are facing during October. Can we make a difference? Not really, but we can still give it a try. agara has initiated a mini-campaign called #savethejungle. We have to spread the word around, by simply posting a photo with the refugee theme in black and white and write #savethejungle. We are not unrealistic but we still have hope no matter what, and that’s one definition of a refugee: a person of hope.

agara's aim is to walk together with different communities and individuals all over the world to empower them in their respective environments.

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