Re-awakening fallen giants

On the 8th of March we generally celebrate Women’s Day, but this year this date will be remembered for a giant that has fallen, and a fallen giant that has been re-awakened. I am referring to the fall of one of nature’s most beautiful sites – the Azure Window, which left many Maltese saddened, and the huge historical win of Barcelona over Paris Saint-Germain which has left many around Europe amazed by the achievement of this great team.

Why am I comparing these two? The Azure Window was a majestic gem, a sight we tirelessly looked at. It was an image of nature at its best, since it was in fact created by nature. The time came when nature took its course and the Window came crumbling down. The Barcelona football team had been, for the last decade, magnificent to watch. Apart from a few hiccups, they have been arguably the best team the world has ever seen. Come 14th of February 2017 and they are trashed 4-0 by a strong PSG team. Barcelona were completely lost, far away from showing their potential and seemingly losing their footballing identity. The team once feared by all was seen crumbling in front of our eyes.

Many were left wondering whether Barcelona could recover from this defeat in time to attempt to go through the Round of 16. Many are left wondering if nature could ever cause another ‘Azure Window’ (even though another one already exists). In each of these two cases, there was/is a need for re-creation. Nature can create another window but the Azure Window cannot re-create itself. On the other hand, Barcelona could re-create themselves and indeed they did. Nature naturally takes its course, but humans have a say on their actions and are able to change something which seems inevitable. The Barcelona team had to change its way of doing things, and so re-created themselves, changing their tactics and approach in order to unexpectedly win 6-1 against PSG. This was a feat that almost everyone, except for themselves, thought impossible. They believed and worked hard to achieve this result.

Lent is a time when we strive to re-create ourselves; an opportunity to reflect and work on what at times makes us collapse, on what leaves us to be fallen giants. During this time we are invited to change our tactics and not let our weaknesses simply take their course, but rather pinpoint them and strive, with the help of God, to be awakened as the giants he wants and knows we can be.

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Bernard Micallef is a Social Policy graduate from the University of Malta and is currently reading a Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology.

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