Passing values to childre… at home

In Malta there is much talk at any particular time of family values, ethics in business, moral values in the media and the list goes on and on. Lip service is given to the concept of values at every turn when situations that seem to be going in the perceived wrong direction occur. There are reasons why values-based humanity suffers in today’s age.

In the not too distant past, there was a time where the support structure of the home was strong and intact. This is a crucial component of how values are communicated to the younger members of the family unit. At the moment the structure of the family environment is in a fragile state. The need to have two incomes to provide a comfortable life for the family has debilitated the foundation of the family structure.

The challenge that we face as a society is how to effectively communicate values to the members of the family. In the past, having both spouses work was not a necessity. This allowed one of the spouses to stay home and nurture basic values in their children. Doing this gave greater credence to the message being delivered to the family by the mother or father. Today the lack of constant supervision of the youth in the home has created a lack of guidance that is paramount in the establishment of a values- based system.

This idea of having one parent in the home monitoring the information being obtained by their children may seem antiquated, but this type of model or some variation of this model needs to be maintained, so that there may be a stable guiding environment for the younger members of the family.

The economic environment that we live in today has created a situation that does not help the creation of a value-based humanity. The struggle to “keep your head above water” brings out an acute Darwinian response to survive. The need to survive the challenges of the economic environment makes this concept difficult to achieve. A balance of the need to work and quality time spent with the family is the first step to bringing about a value-based humanity.

This cannot be taught in some seminar or self help guru scenario. This is something that needs to be brought back into the family structure and build a foundation of teaching, within the home, values that will translate into a value-based humanity.

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