Forced to mass

It is a reality that the number of people attending to mass, at least once a week, is decreasing more and more. As a reason to this, many are saying “it is always the same”, “same message and no essence of originality”. Others portray it as a “boring experience” and basically doing nothing amusing. Simply sitting on a cold wooden bench or chair, rise up and back down, alongside with awkward responses.

It seems that going to mass is just a nauseous experience. Some teenagers state that they are ‘forced’ by their parents to go to mass and to avoid all the hassle back home, they just go to a church, sit down at the far back or behind a column and ‘enjoy the ride’. Is uniting as a whole community to celebrate mass a “boring experience”? Are we just quitting quite easy from our journey?

Thinking about quitting without doing anything at all is already a lost battle to achieve your goal. One should open his mind and heart to all possibilities and not eliminate some well before starting. This is a reason why several youngsters are avoiding this intimate relationship with God through the Church – they are quitting before even starting the journey with the whole community.

Our faith should be lived as one, helping those falling out and encouraging others who think that this journey is tough for them. We need to discover the risen Christ in our heart in order to share his love with others. Our lives and experiences should portray His message of love and compassion, honesty and fidelity. Spiritual and humanitarian experiences worth living. This is what several young people are searching for – true testimony in what to believe in. 

Living as a true Catholic nowadays may seem as something not worth it because it leads to several sacrifices, but it is a way of life in order to imprint love in others heart. Loving others helps to solidify the intra-connection of the community and this would be the sign to reflect on the world today. As Jesus Christ said to his apostles: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Love stimulates the whole community in order to reach out to those in search for a true, authentic experience of Christ. It is a strive for an experience of love, compassion and prayer.

That is what the Church is, living on a prayer. That same prayer for unity and love.

3 thoughts on “Forced to mass

  • Reply Gaetano Pace 26th May 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Why does it take so many words to say “Don`t really know what it is all about” ? KISS.

  • Reply Matthew Pulis 26th May 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Gaetano Pace I agree with you that many Church goers do not understand what is going on during mass. Many do not go for this simple reason as well. However, one must understand that during mass we are celebrated in a Mystery, in a Heavenly banquet – therefore some sense of humbleness is needed. Furthermore, and this is something the Church ought to do more, a great need to explain the mass is due. The liturgy during the mass, once it is understood gives a whole new dimension to those rather boring 45mins. Once one get the concept of all the movement going on the altar, once one understand the prayers, once one understand the privilege to share in this sacrifice – surely one would be eager to participate in the mass. We need to learn the mass in order to fully participate and not just go to mass to fulfill our Sunday obligations. A book I truly recommend is Why Go to Church? by Timothy Radcliffe

  • Reply Ros 19th June 2013 at 3:34 pm

    I remember years back when I used to be hearing mass and thinking ”All this seems so good, yet there must be something else.. I wonder what is missing? Why does it feel so basically good yet so routine?”

    That was until I was with other youths and someone mentioned ”Personal relationship with God”! I had no idea how to go about it, but I did cry out from the depths of my soul ”God if you exist come into my life in a real way”.. and He did! He doesn’t force Himself onto anyone, but it is His real pleasure when we start experiencing His pure love, His awesome beauty, His words and guidance in real ways in our lives.. it’s so simply actually.. just talking to Him in simple ways just as one would with another person.

    Suddenly mass became alive.. its the perfect prayer! a divine exchange of love and communication between the Creator and His creatures!

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