Limiting water usage

Water scarcity is one of the major problems facing a modern society with dwindling supplies of fresh water and an ever increasing population. Therefore the question of limiting consumption per capita may arise amongst those in power. The importance of conservation of this precious resource is gaining momentum and there is more awareness about conserving water.

In certain countries constraints on water use have already been implemented, for example in Australia New South Wales- Sydney, due to recurring draughts the government has barred persons washing their cars using a hose pipe to limit wastage.

Limiting water use might not be the correct approach, as efforts can be better spent educating persons on how to use water more effectively whilst showing the benefits of doing so. Nowadays a lot of gadgets are available on the market to reduce water consumption.

In the home most water is consumed in the bathroom. One of these gadgets available on the market is the low flow shower head which not only cuts down on 20,000 gallons of water usage per year, but has the added bonus of also cutting 10% of heating costs.

Another gismo available on the market is the aerator which when attached to sink taps cuts water consumption and increases the pressure. Another source of waste is that we are often accustomed to leaving the water running until it reaches that ideal temperature. A way to cut down on wasting water in this situation is to collect this water in a bucket and use it to water household plants.

With these simple steps one can already make a significant difference in saving water and ensuring that it is used in an effective manner.

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