The importance of sex education for adolescents

I am not proposing to launch a campaign of fund raising for food assistance to children in the Middle East or in the far West. Neither am I going to emphasize the big wish of all to take vitamins, iodine and iron today. I am not going to rant on the bad habit of taking a quick breakfast, nor about an unbalanced ration, neither about inappropriate handling of food, and not even about the high incidence of schoolchildren having a bad diet.

No generation in the world history has ever been so well and generously informed about food values as today. Yet man, especially an adolescent, does not live by bread alone. There are matters other than food which are essential for the appropriate development of an adolescent.

Our elderly mother nature is very interested in the proliferation of the various species of plants and animals which live on earth. It is also interested in the survival of the human race, as long as it can continue living. Culture, civilization, science, religion, schools, home, society, industries—all depend on the survival of the human race. So problems related to procreation of the race must be considered of extraordinary importance.

Nature is no fool. Of course not! It has been on the job for a long time, and we must admit that it has done fine in spite of the fact that some hard-headed children it has produced think that certain lifestyle details can improve materially, exclusively. Blind teachers and parents might insist that the adolescent “had better concentrate on books,” but the elderly Woman of the Times detours adolescent thoughts towards the eternal truth of Life, and, consequently, is prudent and right.

We, who are more advanced in age, however, are hardly understood; our children requested facts from us and we gave them fiction; they requested us to “do it ” and we replied ” don’t do it “; they enquired about their noble origins, and we told them about the doctor’s case, about the sea voyage or concocted some story about the stork. We reprimanded them for their innocent questions until they opted not to do it, yet committed a mistake throughout their years of formation of life like a thousand ancestors before who took the same path, and, with no orientation, committed many mistakes with dire results, although sometimes they saw reason.

Who knows how helpless Nature must feel in her search for teachers for her school! She, begging, asked parents to take up that responsibility, yet all of them remained deaf—and speechless. She prompted school teachers and preachers for their assistance, but the latter raised ”clean hands” and resisted with empty minds whilst stating that they knew absolutely nothing about dirty matters; they were too much taken up by routine to find time for setting boys and girls on the right path on facts of life. Yet children, somehow, must be taught since it is impossible to grow up into adult men and women without knowing how to go forth and multiply. Consequently, Nature was forced to make use of services eagerly offered by elder boys and girls (who, in their turn, require wholesome education), by perverts and libertines. For a school place, it is forced to make use of alleys, farm-houses, vacant buildings, uninhabited rooms or garages; as for learning books it makes use of obscene magazines, vulgar stories, amateurish medical literature and scandalous pictures. A TRULY REFINED SCHOOL!

And in spite of everything, these same adolescents who attend Nature school in the alleys have long been requesting to be taught these facts of life at home, on their parents’ knees. How can we risk harm to their health and perhaps their precious life by leaving them in ignorance when they are asking us for the truth?!

THE BOYS, all boys, except for those extremely corrupt, if they do exist, are much attracted by the subject of glorious manhood—struggled manhood and lived in a clean manner. They are begging us for food that transforms them from boys to men, and we are feeding them rubbish and lies. Their very best is dying of hunger.

THE GIRLS are being brought up on the theory basis that ignorance is the handmaid to innocence and virtue, when in fact she is her twin sister and inseparable partner of disease and sin. Although few of them are truly trained for responsibility, fortunately many of them become married women and mothers. Wouldn’t it be better were we to feed them that food, mental food, that helps them reach the height of success in this, which is the most noble of all professions? Young girls are—unless otherwise trained—more interested in cooking than in culture; more attracted to sewing then literature; more taken over by babies than books; and more satisfied in the love of a glorious home than in the trapdoor of a successful career. It is truly well and right that they are like that, because this is Nature’s assurance that the human race will not be wiped out from the face of the earth.

We have taken up all our time with charities and clinics, diagnosis and medicine, while the fundamentals of life—the origins of life itself—hardly concerned us. Much progress is being made in the prevention of many diseases, yet, due to ignorance, venereal disease continues to be overwhelming.

Sex is basic; it is beautiful; it is inevitable. It fills or destroys the life of men and women like nothing else. Our children, who instinctively see and feel these great responsibilities, the perils and privileges, are begging guidance, as if they were hungry children asking for food. I don’t think that they will fall apart with that sacred and holy thing called TRUTH! ARE WE GOING TO SATISFY THEM, OR ARE WE GOING TO LET THEM STARVE?

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