HYS! – Suggested homily to listen to during Sunday Mass

Much has been written, said, criticised and argued lately regarding the utility, length and nature of the homily during Sunday Mass.

I, for one, have been regularly and consistently attending Sunday Mass for the last fifty years or so. I have heard Mass at different Parishes with all sorts of homilies from innumerable priests, both in Maltese as well as in English. Some of them were typically predictable, others outright boring, others non-sensical, some of some note, but with no everlasting consequences, while the rest were listened to with some attention, only to be forgotten on exiting through the Church parvis.

Well, after all these years, I think I have found the right priest who delivers the right homilies. A priest who so struck me the first time round when I accidentally had to hear Mass said by him on a Sunday morning that ever since I try to make it a point to always attend Mass said by him at the Chapel of the Franciscan Convent of Msida, next to Msida Circus. Mass is said in Maltese, but what homilies are delivered! They are usually brief, smooth flowing and so appealing and fulfilling that o

ne spends a whole week reflecting upon and ensuring to render useful the nature of that homily until the time arrives for the next homily of his. Believe me, I am not exaggerating or in any way lobbying for this senior priest (indeed I do not even know his name at all!), but I can assure you all that, wherever you hail from, it is certainly worth a visit one day to hear the 10a.m.

Mass at this Chapel of the Sisters’ Convent in Msida, listen to a sermon of his, and you will suddenly feel that something divine has taken over your spirit, mind and intentions. This priest is truly Christ’s representative, undoubtedly uttering words and pathways prompted by Christ, and listening attentively to him is akin to listening to one of Christ’s redeeming sermons as we find them narrated in the Holy Gospel!


Do heed this recommendation of mine and you will not be sorry at all for doing so!

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