An app for everything… The Bible too!

The revolution that has happened in our daily lives when it comes to mobile technology in the last few decades has been unprecedented. We used to carry mobile phones whose main role was to receive,send SMS and for calling. We are now in the era of smartphones we have the potential to carry with us the whole body of human knowledge.

The concepts of ‘apps’ was conceived for the smartphone age and we literally find an app for everything that we need, be it our favourite social network or a reference that we use for our daily job. The options are endless, and everyday people from all around the world are developing solutions for these handy devices.

And without further ado, I’d like to introduce a new series on about Faith and Technology, and the link between these seemingly distinct areas. This time round I would like to start off with the most read book on Earth.

The Holy Bible App released by YouVersion is one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store and is available in multiple languages(unfortunately not Maltese as yet, but with a significant amount of pressure by the Maltese Community this might change 😉 )

The Bible App is not just built to be a piece of software where you can read the bible, but it offers a package of features which prove to be extremely useful in getting a deeper understanding of the bible and to apply to your everyday life.

On opening the app, you are welcomed with the ‘Verse of the day’ and other useful points such as your current Plans(one of the many interesting features of the app) and your most recent bookmarks. Such small features already take the bible to the next level. As we go through the different features, you will also realise that the application has something vital which surrounds it, a community of readers who are always contributing and who are also uploading their bookmarks and notes on different sections of the bible and throughout the different readings, one can see the useful insights that different users have come up with or most probably prayed about. Although this might still be in its infancy, features like this take the Bible reading experience to the 21st century.


One of the great features which I would like to highlight(because there are just too many to mention) is the ‘Plans’ feature. This option gives you the opportunity to choose reading plans which are tailored for you and to your current situation. For example, there is a wonderful Plan known as 365 days plan which provides you with a daily reading of the Bible with the aim of reading the whole Bible in one year. That could be something which you could write down in your Bucket List. Also recently, the YouVersion team added the option to download these Plans Offline, so you are able to access these plans even whilst you’re not connected to the Internet.

These features combined with an in-built notification system and syncing of all the notes and bookmarks to the Cloud(the platform which allows you to be able to see all your plans,notes,bookmarks on any device where you sign-in using your credentials)makes this application invaluable and an asset in your everyday life.

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