Getting what We Deserve

We’re two thirds of the way through an electoral campaign and everyone everywhere is constantly talking about elections. So much so, that most people (I mean everyone but I am acknowledging that there are exceptions to every rule), are sick to death of hearing about elections.

I am guessing that most of those following this blog fit into this category. But thinking about elections made me realise just what I drive past every morning on my way into University. On that huge concrete wall of the road leading to the New Gateway Entrance from the St Venera side there is one lonely scribble: People get the government they deserve… Basil.

I wonder who wrote it; that’s a rather dangerous place to stand in for any length of time spray painting your opinion onto the wall. Have you ever noticed it? Or have you so gotten used to it that you pass by without even seeing it anymore? I do not know who the Basil referred to is (the original quote is generally attributed to French philosopher Joseph de Maistre), but it suddenly struck me how appropriate to these times that scribble on the wall is. Elections are a time of weighing proposals and promises doing one’s homework and making a choice.

A number of people don’t bother evaluating what is said, and at this point in time that is understandable – once you are sick of hearing about something you automatically tune it out. A number of people don’t bother going to vote either, and that is also their choice. But regardless, whatever we choose, even if we choose not to vote, we still get the government we deserve. An interesting point to ponder in what’s left of this pre-electoral period..

Thank God we have just under 3 weeks to go… and then it will all be over and with the result out we can all go back to our usual pursuits. And the result will be exactly what we deserve… Luckily we have 3 weeks in which to evaluate our options and make up our minds. And after that we can look forward to another election which won’t only influence tiny Malta but most of the world – the election of a new Pope. Now that will be an event to discuss, dissect and mull over for a long time. I am just thankful I’m not expecting to cast my vote in that election!

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