Busy Bee… and a new Home!

It has been a very busy start for agara in the first few months of 2018. With the Lesotho Pole’ Pole’ project mentioned in February’s article up and running in full swing, the eight volunteers are meeting on a regular basis so as to build a comprehensive curriculum to be delivered to youths residing within the communities of Pabalong and God’s Love Centre both in Lesotho.

In the meantime, the Pole’ Pole’ team has also been very busy collecting second hand PCs which are still in very good condition. The first collection was from Mater Dei hospital, which kindly donated fifteen desktop computers, whereas the second collection was from Guardian Angel – Secondary Education Resource Centre, which provided agara with nineteen full PC sets. The Pole’ Pole’ team is now in the process of contacting communities both locally and abroad who can sustainably use these donated PCs, so as to give more IT access to people whilst also enhancing their IT skills.

This surge in PC collection coupled by an increase in the amount of volunteers joining agara, meant that the tiny garage in Qormi no longer met the needs of all teams that contribute with their work to agara. As a result, a new garage was sought in Zejtun which is currently being upgraded so that all teams will have ample space to carry out their respective work. Namely, the place will be segmented in a way, whereby the accounts team will have space to reconcile and manage agara’s accounts, Pole’ Pole’ will have more shelves to store laptops and PCs donated, together with a work bench, on which second-hand laptop / PCs could be mended or upgraded so as to be re-used in the Pole’ Pole’ projects.

Stay tuned for more updates in the shortcoming months…. Insider’s tip (Shhhhhhh):

  1. agara obtained funding to revamp it’s website,
  2. Remember the EWWR promotional campaign at the end of last year…. Well, agara has been invited to Brussels……

Until next time 🙂

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