Does the Budget signify the end of the Recession enticing us to go back to our Pre Recession spending habits?

Impositions of indirect taxes have been announced in order to increase government revenue, but, on the whole, a positive picture of our national economy has been given. The recession should have taught us at least one thing. Spending endlessly and not saving anything can wreak havoc on our lives. Times are still hard for many people. Jobs are still being lost. Some people have not been affected very much by the recession at all. When the recession truly does end, will that mean the public will go back to pre-recession spending habits? The greatest hope is that we will not do that.
It is said that those who forget their past are destined to repeat it. These are profound words and could not be truer, especially when it comes to money spending. If we go back to spending like there is not end to the money, the certainty is, the money will end. Learning to save our money anyway we can when times are good assures that our future is safer. Everyone wants to spend their money. Everyone, in fact, thinks it is their right to do so. Maybe it is, but how much longer can the government continue to bail us out? They cannot if there is no money. If you do not work, there are no taxes to take out. If there are no taxes taken out, there is no money for a bail out.

Instant gratification is not as appealing as it once was. It left many people with a bitter taste in their mouths. The same people who were spending money like it was going out of style found themselves jobless and often times homeless. Dealing with the aftermath was not so much fun. The end of the recession should bring about change in everyone’s spending habits. Hopefully, people will begin to realize that credit cards are damaging to the wallet in many ways. Sure, it is nice to have new clothes every couple of weeks, but is it necessary? Not really. How about all those expensive dinners –  do they taste as good as they once did? They do not, when compared to the empty stomach you may have if you are the next victim of the recession.

We must learn from our mistakes in order to make our future better. Saving some of your money for emergency situations makes sense. Most people know this. However, people still live outside their means. You can save a lot more than what you give yourself credit for. Stop wasting money on things you do not need. If the old computer still turns on and works, do not bother buying a new one until it has completely broken down. If your washer has gone haywire, get it fixed. Better yet, learn to fix it yourself.

There are a million and one ways that people can save money everyday. Few people bother to find those ways until their backs are against the wall. Unfortunately, it is usually too late by that time. People are left with feelings of helplessness. In reality, we are not helpless. Those who have gone without something  in their lifetime will be able to survive more readily than those who have always had a lot of money. That is because they learned early how to cut costs in order to survive. The luxuries that the rich take for granted are just something that others can aspire to have. When push comes to shove though, the poor person will survive a recession a lot easier than a rich person. It sounds a little backwards, but it is true.

If the public goes back to old spending habits when the recession finally comes to an end, they are making a huge mistake. This is a wake up call for all those people who took their luxuries for granted. Spend only what you need to spend. Do not buy homes that are huge just as a status symbol. Buy a home that your family can live in comfortably.

Life will go on after the recession is over. The question is, will we continue to be frugal when it is over or will we go back to old spending habits? Hopefully, we will get the chance to see the light of day and people will realize what it means to scratch for what they have. Then maybe they will appreciate it a little more.


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