Becoming Champions

Reaching the Champions League final is no easy feat.  Reaching it three times in four years is something extraordinary.  Not only that: from the two previous finals played, Bayern Munich have failed to win both, putting higher pressure to succeed in tomorrow’s final. Losing for the third time would definitely be a bigger blow than the ones they have already experienced, especially when it is against their main German rivals.  Some might have found it hard to pick themselves up after those two final losses, but Bayern seem to be able to use those losses to get even stronger and more determined, turning into possibly the best team in Europe.  All this has happened without big- money investment, something which in today’s football world is seen as a must.

Who of us would have stayed in a project which failed twice, without big improvements done to develop that project?  This made me think of all the projects we get engaged in, and the immediate results we seem to expect, and if something goes wrong we start looking for alternatives.  Looking at this Champions League Final, these were my thoughts – that two teams who have developed along the years with patience are now reaping their fruits, keeping in mind that even Borussia Dortmund have been developing their team for years.

Both teams possess players who could play in other great teams in Europe, with the possibility of earning more money.  But rather than look at bigger prospects, these players stuck to a project, a project which was on the right track in spite of not getting the best results.  Knowing that you can do better than you are actually doing and still keep hope in your situation improving really requires sacrifice, at times a painful one.

No pain, no gain!  Cheesy, but true.  Sometimes, in order to succeed all we need is patience and a sense of belief in what we are doing.  Yes, there are instances when a failed project does not seem to get any better, but too often we seem to throw in the towel quite easily.  These days it seems that our main criterion is comfort.  If I am not comfortable, then something must be wrong!  It is not comfortable losing finals, it is not comfortable to study, it is not comfortable sacrificing one’s liberty to build a relationship, and it is not comfortable following orders.  We have the right for change to a better lifestyle, but I question what exactly that better lifestyle is.

Is our lifestyle what we do or who we are? Are we in for an everlasting run towards that which seems better? Putting things into perspective can help us focus on that which is essential.  Bayern Munich have focused on the building of a team which has lived together, trained together, played together, and suffered together.  Borussia Dortmund have done the same.

Rushing will get you nowhere, but caution, patience and hard work will make you a champion.

Bernard Micallef is a Social Policy graduate from the University of Malta and is currently reading a Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology.

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    Well written!

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