9 tips for choosing the right profession

Students go through difficult times when they come to take decisions for their future. From my experience accompanying young people on their journey towards finding their place in life, I have learnt that the best way to solve this issue is by tackling it and giving it time. Some students take the easy way out and try to solve this issue simply by running away from it! The outcome of this may be fatal, because running away from a decision many times means living with the burden of un-answered questions all our lives. So I feel it is necessary, or rather, crucial, to take the bull by the horns and face some fundamental questions when they crop up: What is the scope of my life, what is my dream? What profession and life-style will make me profoundly happy and give a deep meaning to my life? How can I develop my potential to the best? How can I put my talents and capabilities to the service of others?

I feel that many times students take the wrong approach when trying to answer the questions above and similar ones. They usually try and simplify matters by avoiding the more complex questions and just trying to answer the basic question: which is the right course for me? This way they simply look at their professional life as distinct from their personal and spiritual life and this may have a disastrous effect.

One of the things that strikes me profoundly from my vast experience of working with young people is the big number of youth who are not happy with their choice of course and with their life. Unfortunately the number of students that become always more unhappy and unsatisfied with their studies as they move along the years of the course they chose is always increasing and this gives rise to great concern. Some students go through painstaking efforts to graduate, only to realize at the end of it all that they never gave time and serious thought to what will truly make them happy in their life. Thus, after all the hard work to get to the much awaited graduation ceremony, they realize that “this is not what I wanted after all!” After so many years of hard work they find themselves having to start all over again!

So what can be done? I would like to offer some suggestions:

  • Think well before you take decisions about your life.
  • Always look at the big picture: not only at your professional life but also at your personal dreams, desires, what will make you profoundly happy.
  • Reflect upon your life regularly, evaluate how you are doing – do not only look at grades and marks but ask yourself: am I in the right place?
  • Do not be afraid to face reality and to be honest with yourself.
  • Respect your parents, listen carefully to them, but take your own decisions.
  • Study is important, but do take care of other aspects of your formation: creative, human, spiritual, physical.
  • Take the decisions that have to be taken, remember that the decisions you postpone will come back to you.
  • Speak to someone who can help you, do not be afraid to face reality, do not be afraid to speak openly with someone about your future.
  • Last but definitely not least, pray to God to show you his will, he will surely guide you, let God be part of your future.

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