6 months on and the journey continues

6 months have passed since zuntier.com was launched on November 6 2012 during an GhST event at the St. James Cavalier entitled “We don’t need no religion”. Such a title from the theology students’ organisation stirred up a lot of interest, in fact the event was very well attended, and the debate during was a very healthy one.

We had asked Fr Joe Borg (no introduction required) to give us his opinion on the concept of zuntier (parvis). When I spoke to him we immediately disagreed about our understanding of the zuntier, in Maltese culture, and he immediately told me, Listen if you think this will disturb your plans no problem it will be for another time. Yet since zuntier.com is about dialogue and the challenging of ideas we decided to be the first to be challenged.

All of us (15 students or fresh graduates from University and MCAST) have strived to constantly update and ameliorate the site and look up various topics to discuss, seeking constantly to find people who could contribute to the discussion in a mature and rational way. For us no topic is too taboo not to discuss. If it is so than we need to discuss it more deeply to see why. 

Although short of budget but surely not of enthusiasm, and eager to bring along a culture of dialogue, during these 6 months we have published over 80 posts (this is the 83rd one in fact) by more than 30 different contributors coming from all walks of life and having different frames of mind. Priests and atheists, artists and scientists, lecturers and students, Catholics and Muslims have all contributed to the dialogue on zuntier.com.

Our main aim was and still is that of challenging ideas and offer ideas that challenge, so that together (even though not always in agreement) we dialogue and discuss. We always believed that the main scope of this website was that of seeking points of agreement so that although ideas might be on opposing sides of the spectrum, these could none the less find points of conversion.

After all we never wanted to be sensational or try to identify differences; our intention was to bring together ideas and discuss their common areas first and only after discuss those points which are seemingly opposing but which in the end might simply be different sides of the same coin.

The response to the site is very encouraging and we thank all our readers for this (you in particular). One thing we haven’t managed yet; we really wish that our readers contribute more by commenting and offering their points of view. We encourage you to suggest us ways how we can make this happen. Notwithstanding this, numbers are positive and on the increase.

One thought on “6 months on and the journey continues

  • Reply Karl Andrew Schembri 7th May 2013 at 10:54 pm

    I would like to congratulate the team behind the scenes for their hard work in creating this website. It has been a pleasure reading such articles about interesting topics and challenge ideas. Well done to all and keep up the good work!

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