The reusable gold at the tip of our fingers

Starting of today, the 18th of November 2017, all Europe has agreed to work for one initiative termed EWWR. European Week for Waste Reduction is a resourceful idea to promote the reduction and reusability of waste. Governments, companies, organisations and individuals have all teamed up to colour our social media and other information portals with this awareness campaign for the coming eight days.

agara is a Maltese voluntary based organisation with the primary goal of working in sustainable projects to try and maximize the impact in the lives of those who are mostly vulnerable. Polépolé being the organisation’s first and most successful project to date is indeed perfectly in line with the EWWR campaign and hence agara as an organisation felt home to serve Europe in pushing its agenda.

Polépolé is a unique idea on the island!
The team strives to collect disused laptops from companies and individuals with the idea of refurbishing them and giving them a second owner who might be in tremendous need of this 21st century necessity that will help him/her to improve his life and reach her goals. Through the Polépolé project, agara has managed to reach a number of organisations, refugee camps and individuals around the globe. Thankfully after 3 years running we are constantly receiving updates, photos and messages of the difference that these repaired laptops made to individuals.

I personally would take this as a threat: open your eyes this week because, who knows, EWWR might invade your newsfeed. Following us on the social media will give you the advantage of knowing what this is all about. At agara we will be serving Europe’s goals and promoting the reduction and reusing of would-be-hazardous-waste through our Polépolé project. Videos, articles, banners at UOM quad will all be part of our effort. Perhaps I wasn’t clear at first… if you stand to read this article and cross our path throughout this, we invite you to join in our cause, to spread the word and help us reduce and reuse more laptops!

Adrian Cassar

Terms and conditions apply… if you have a disused laptop don’t throw it out of the window unless Polépolé is there to catch it.

agara's aim is to walk together with different communities and individuals all over the world to empower them in their respective environments.

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