The Opportunity to Play

Why do we practice sports? What is so fascinating about running? About a group of people passing a ball around? About spending hours training at the gym? I have been asked these questions many times. The most basic answer I could come up with is: “because we have the power to”. And by power, I do not mean only physical strength.  Sport gives you the opportunity to engage in an activity which goes beyond physical movement.

When participating in a game where your aim is to score and win, and when you put yourself in a situation where your aim is to improve, you are automatically involving your mental strength into finding ways how to achieve your goal. This triggers a challenge within you; a challenge which can only help you grow. It will instill in you the power to get the result you want. You find yourself able to think beyond your limits; not only in terms of mental and physical capabilities, but also in terms of decision-making.

Practicing a sport would help you learn more about yourself, and would help you realize what aspects you need to grow stronger in. Added to this would be the social dimension, because when you practice sports in a group you learn more about how you relate with others.

American football coach Mike Singletary sums it up in this statement: “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play”. The most beautiful part of all this is that we all have the opportunity to play. Sport gives you the positive energy to go beyond your whole self, to become the best you can be and to become who you were created to be!

Why do I practice sports? Because I can.

Bernard Micallef is a Social Policy graduate from the University of Malta and is currently reading a Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology.

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