The Beauty of Being Human

Each one of us has his or her own story that is worth telling. One’s life makes one’s story different from that of others, making it beautiful in various ways even if sometimes it’s quite difficult to bear. These difficulties, in fact, make the story of our life worth telling.

Constantly meeting new people while on the move has taught me a lot about appreciating my own story. I’ve realised that most of the time I was struggling to introduce myself to others as I was hiding all my inferiorities and all the things I am ashamed of in myself for the sake of making a good impression. It started to get tough and I started to feel more and more vulnerable, as if I was making fun of my own self.

I’ve realised that I was wrong. I’ve started to feel the urgent need to accept myself as I am, with both my achievements and failures. By accepting myself, then I could start living a truer life. This truth leads me to the third step, that of loving myself. The moment I realised that I was not meant to be someone else’s opinion of me, I was ready to start loving myself and to start writing my own story. It took a lot of time, kindness, and courage to stand up against all the odds, but it was worth the pain.

This is the greatest struggle I’ve faced during my exchange programme. Keeping in mind Bob Dylan’s wise words: “All I can do is be me, whoever that is,” I remind myself that there is no point in hiding my inferiorities, since they are part of my being.

Accepting the beauty of being human, therefore, is in itself the greatest achievement you can do in your entire life. This means that you are brave enough to choose the natural beauty from that which is artificial in this world you are living in. There is no shame in being honest, and there is no shame in being vulnerable. It is, rather, the beauty of being human.

Martina-Anne is reading a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at the University of Malta and is currently participating in an exchange programme at Malmö University.

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