• Malta’s EU Presidency – a few reflections

    Dr Lawrence Gonzi

    Malta’s EU Presidency is taking place during a defining moment for all of us. It is happening at a time when we are surrounded by political turmoil and uncertainty which is questioning most of our long standing values chief amongst which are our belief in the dignity of the human ...

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  • Who should I look up to?

    Silence Dogood

    “Whereas your part is to go out to the battle of your City, where maybe death awaits you. This you know in your heart.” This summer I have taken to reading the magnificent works by J.R.R. Tolkien starting with The Hobbit and now just finishing with The Return of the ...

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  • Silence and community

    Andre Debattista

    Silence is a necessary pre-requisite for effective communication. It allows us to listen and respond to words and actions. It may also be an invitation for reflection and meditation. The Scottish poet, George MacKay Brown, writes in his autobiography that “we move from silence into silence, and there is a ...

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  • A world with no faith


    A number of individuals believe religion is a moral evil and a destructive force to be shunned. They propose that a world with no faith in God would be a better place since this belief defies logic and reason. These arguments are not novel. Some public intellectuals have added their ...

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  • Good or bad? We’re too cool for that!

    Nadia Delicata

    As I browsed through the boards of Pinterest followers, this gem by Oscar Wilde caught my attention: “It is absurd to divide people into good or bad. People are either charming or tedious.” – Oscar Wilde I couldn’t help but smile, since in our times, we most certainly do tend ...

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  • Who is the refugee in Malta

    Anton Falzon

    Today is World Refugee Day and this made me ask myself who is a refugee and who are the refugees we are asked to remember on this day. Unfortunately certain people still pass certain comments such as ‘another boat full of those people has arrived!’, ‘Why don’t they find another ...

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  • Some things I hate and others I like about Easter

    Christian Colombo

    Once, a boy was standing in front of his father’s new car. The idea of slipping into the car and driving it was tentalising. In no time he got into the driver’s seat and was marvelling at the steering wheel, switches, pedals, levers. A few seconds later he found himself ...

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  • Find Another Name for chastity!

    David Cilia

    “Chastity” has been made a derided word by the sexual revolution.  It became associated with an arcane concept in religion with little relevance to the modern hedonistic society.  It came to represent sexual repression, guilt trips, fear from sex, domination of others by controlling their sexuality, etc.  People just shrug ...

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