• Can an AI love me?

    Matthew Pulis

    Artificial intelligence is beginning to leave its mark on entire industries from finance to medicine. Yet the most revolutionary application has yet to arrive—and it’s an existential one. As thinking machines continue to evolve, we need to start redefining humanity, and thus, personal relationships. Or as Kurzweil foresees, is it ...

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  • Would you come over to town?


    “You better watch out… Santa Claus is coming to town…” Well that’s what Michael Buble’ sings in the world reknown Christmas song, but I keep asking… would you, the reader, come over to town? To be more precise, would you come over to Dar Papa Franġisku and help out in ...

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  • Overcrowded Cemeteries

    Dr Mark Said

    The possibility of setting up a crematorium discussed during a recent meeting between Archbishop Paul Cremona and the Planning Parliamentary Secretary made interesting reading. It has been, and still is, an ongoing problem. Applications for new cemeteries: rejected. Applications for extensions to existing cemeteries: rejected. Applications for restructuring a cemetery ...

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