• Mixja ma’ Kristu bħala persuna LGBTIQ


    Forsi minħabba t-trobbija tagħna, ħafna minna jaħsbu li l-ispiritwalità u s–sesswalità huma għedewwa ta’ xulxin. Nażżarda ngħid li għal min jaqa’ taħt l-ispektrum tar-realtà gay din it-taqtigħa taf tkun aktar qawwija, speċjalment għal dawk li għadhom jaħsbu li l-imħabba bejn raġel u raġel, jew mara u mara, hi ħażina. Fil-każ ...

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  • Can an AI love me?

    Matthew Pulis

    Artificial intelligence is beginning to leave its mark on entire industries from finance to medicine. Yet the most revolutionary application has yet to arrive—and it’s an existential one. As thinking machines continue to evolve, we need to start redefining humanity, and thus, personal relationships. Or as Kurzweil foresees, is it ...

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  • Homosexuals, Sexuality and Legislation: A Context


    Culturally deviant. Possessed by the devil. Sick. Genetically disturbed. Biochemically imbalanced. Possessed by the Devil himself (or herself!). Throughout history, attitudes toward homosexuality have vacillated from sympathy and support to disdain and neglect. In 1974 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a pathological psychiatric condition from its authoritative ...

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  • Bruno Mars meets Bernini in Heaven

    Sinclair Bugeja

    Sex and heaven appear to pertain to two distinct and irreconcilable realms. Yet Bruno Mars seems to remain unperturbed in mentioning both four times in his 300-word song ‘Locked out of Heaven’. To the scrupulous, the refrain “your sex takes me to paradise” might sound inappropriate if not downright offensive. Nevertheless ...

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  • Chastity is not Lack of Sexuality

    Antoinette Laferla

    Chastity brings to mind the word purity.  However, if one asks about the connection between chastity and sexuality, there might be puzzled looks around.  Is it possible to live chastity in marriage?  Now that is a puzzler!  This enigma is present only because of lack of proper understanding of what ...

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  • Find Another Name for chastity!

    David Cilia

    “Chastity” has been made a derided word by the sexual revolution.  It became associated with an arcane concept in religion with little relevance to the modern hedonistic society.  It came to represent sexual repression, guilt trips, fear from sex, domination of others by controlling their sexuality, etc.  People just shrug ...

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  • Sex? Sells!

    Anton D'Amato

    Indeed it does, and it does really well. The first to understand the potentiality of using sex in business was Ernest Ditcher in the 1930s, an Austrian psychologist and a follower of Freud, known as father of Motivational Research. His studies focused on a basic question “why do people buy ...

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  • ho·mo·pho·bi·a/ˌhōməˈfōbēə/

    Romina Tolu

    The word ‘homophobia’ gets thrown around a lot. People tweet about it, against it, and tweet homophobically. People in power are accused of being homophobes. The LGBT community hate it. There is a day against it. Homophobia and Transphobia are everywhere around us. This irrational, extreme fear to homosexuality, and/or ...

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  • On Nature and its Expressions

    Nadia Delicata

    As I flipped mindlessly through the channels after a busy day, a reality show chronicling the pregnancy and birth story of a couple caught my attention somewhat. At first I thought it was the “regular” (though nothing is quite “regular” on television, is it?) incredible story about a mystery pregnancy ...

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  • Between Science and Ideology: The Homosexuality Debate

    Paul Galea

    The surrounding debate on Homosexuality, Gay rights, Same-Sex marriages, etc. is much larger than the issues themselves. Such debates are very often compounded by a high degree of passion that unfortunately, sometimes, replaces compassion. This does not mean that the topic cannot be approached from a rational and objective point ...

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