• Sacralising Feminism

    Jean Claude Attard

    Defining feminism is controversial. Not even self-acclaimed feminists seem to agree amongst themselves about what feminism is. Gloria Steinem famously claimed that “Feminism is not about a piece of the existing pie… It’s about baking a new pie.” The writer, lecturer, political activist and feminist organiser argues that feminism is ...

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  • The ‘I want it all’ Syndrome

    John Paul Cauchi

    It is clear to all that as time goes by and the general level of wealth of the Maltese increases (I’m not commenting about the increasing wealth gap here as that deserves a post on its own ) we Maltese are becoming more… shall we say daring in what we ...

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  • Male and female he created them… and whoops!

    Mario Gerada

    One of the quotes frequently used when discussing gender and sexual orientation matters – which always includes a discussion about unions and marriage, is the first creation narrative, often quoted very solemnly, “… male and female he created them…”, and for those who believe, this is a serious and foundational ...

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  • Would you come over to town?


    “You better watch out… Santa Claus is coming to town…” Well that’s what Michael Buble’ sings in the world reknown Christmas song, but I keep asking… would you, the reader, come over to town? To be more precise, would you come over to Dar Papa Franġisku and help out in ...

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  • Love was Born at Christmas

    Pyt Farrugia

    One of the things I appreciate most about the Christian faith is the special way it encourages us to understand holiness. Other traditions of faith, which very closely associate the idea of holiness with that of purity, have a tendency to maintain the strictest separation between that which is holy ...

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  • Eternal Champions

    Bernard Micallef

    The recent tragedy of the Chapecoense football team made me think about all the hard work and sacrifices that we do. Here we had a number of people joined together by this dream – to be the champions of the Copa Sudamericana (the equivalent to Europe’s Europa League). We had ...

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  • The dark side of voluntary work

    Maria Vella

    Many correlate voluntary work with the cliché romantic idea of going to Africa or Asia to help poor children for a month; maybe taking as many photos you can possibly take and post them all over the social media with the idea of bringing social awareness of another reality present ...

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  • Save the Semitic

    Emil Anton

    A letter to the Maltese people: I would like to suggest that Maltese people should seriously study Arabic. As a Finn with Iraqi roots who wants to relearn his once-lost Arabic, I feel at home in semi-Semitic Malta, but I am disappointed by the lack of interest in Arabic on the part of ...

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  • The Way of Man, Part 2

    Ian Diacono

    The Particular Way is a call for authenticity that Martin Buber, in The Way of Man, presents by giving an example of a Rabbi who was asked this question; ‘Show me one general way to the service of God?’ This Rabbi claims that it is impossible to tell men what way ...

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  • Change it… but keep it!

    MarieLou Camilleri

    “My life has changed, and I’m changing with it” Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess Every year the same song ‘As old as time’ (sung by journalists rather than by Angela Lansbury) about how the thousands of students who graduate each year find immediate employment. What they forget to harmonise in ...

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