• Secularly Religious

    Anton D'Amato

    I consider myself as secular; at the same time I consider myself also religious. Is this a contradiction in terms? Some do in fact consider this to be a contradiction. I don’t quite agree with them. Before reaching some sort of conclusion we necessarily have to define what secular and ...

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  • A Sign of the Way Things Are

    Nadia Delicata

    It’s certainly a sign of the times that zuntier has ceased being only the in-between space between “church” and “pjazza” and has become… yet another dot.com. Yet in this remarkable cultural transition—that is even more astonishing, because we take it for granted!—one thing has not changed. Zuntier continues to be a space of encounter; a ...

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  • If Secularists are so Rational, why am I not one?

    David Cilia

    Secularism, as a movement, has its own core beliefs and they are clearly spelled out in humanist and secularist websites.  The movement claims that is suffices to organize society around rational and free thinking, and that religions should not enjoy any special privilege and should not interfere in the building ...

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  • The Beginning of Life

    Rosienne Farrugia

    A short while ago I was asked to give a presentation about the beginning of life … in a not too scientific way. Being a scientist, I must admit, that talking objectively about this topic in a non-scientific way was initially daunting. Personally, I believe that there are a number ...

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