• On discipleship, darkness and a rolled stone

    Mariella Catania

    In the days following Easter, I happened to come across the homily that Pope Francis delivered during this year’s Easter vigil and – being part of a community whose current pastoral theme is ‘nurturing disciples’ – I was pleasantly surprised to read the Pope’s reflections which emphasised the disciples’ experience ...

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  • Masturbation and the Church

    Ian Diacono

    Masturbation and the Church usually don’t go well in the same sentence. The Church is seen as an old prude shaking her finger at a young self-discovering person. It is a fact, that research indicates, that an overwhelming amount of young people admit that they regularly masturbate, and that masturbation ...

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  • The hidden God

    Jean Claude Attard

    Si comprehendis, non est Deus. Whatever can be grasped as an object of comprehension cannot be God. The danger is that humans stop with the self, conflating and replacing God with the self. Coming to terms with God’s incomprehensibility is learning to accept – following the Son’s example (Philippians 2:6-8) ...

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  • Beyond Redemption?

    Christine Galea

    During the Lenten season, some of us tend to reflect more than usual upon the sacred mysteries of our Catholic faith. Many ‘R’ words, such as resurrection, repentance, renewal, redemption, spring to mind. My penchant for words and their definition led me to reveal three meanings for the word ‘redemption’. ...

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  • The Paradox of being Pope, Bishop and Church

    Nadia Delicata

    In one of his rare moments of theological speculation, the media guru Marshall McLuhan is reputed to have said that if there were only two Catholics left in the world, one of them would have to be Pope. McLuhan, a convert to Catholicism, but who was resolute that when it ...

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  • Superheroes don’t exist

    Fr Gilbert Scicluna

    Some weeks ago, I was passing through Ħal Qormi and—surprisingly—I got stuck in traffic. In that annoying half an hour of extreme frustration, I happened to pass by a billboard advertising the performance by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra of “A Hero’s Life” (Ein Heldenleben), composed by Richard Strauss. The title ...

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  • Patient Love

    Pietre Vive Malta

    At times we might elude ourselves into thinking that we do things perfectly. Such an outcome, however, closes us to other outcomes, leading us to disregard other things which can be important to us. This self-centered attitude stops us from undergoing conversion. At times we are not too dissimilar to ...

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  • Holy Restlessness

    Christine Galea

    Recently, during one of his brief reflections during midday mass, the University Chaplain brought up a concept which he referred to as ‘holy restlessness’.  He offered us some beautiful insights on the human soul and quoted Saint Augustine, who is famous for declaring that our hearts are restless until they ...

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  • Servant Leadership

    Mark Galea

    Leadership is challenging to define, since there are many definitions. How would I define leadership? Leadership is about loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving neighbor. This definition is based on the Christian perspective, with all due respect to other faiths. Leadership is also about ...

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  • How is your prayer life?

    Pyt Farrugia

    “How is your prayer life?” sounds like a simple enough question but it can be surprisingly difficult to answer. It is an invitation to think about the time we take to talk with God, and to consider where we are in our relationship with God at this moment in our ...

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