• Challenging the institution

    Jake Mamo

    “The world did not tire of the church’s ideal, but only has got tired because of its reality. The Monasteries were criticized not for the chastity of monks, but for the un-chastity of monks. Christianity was unpopular not because of the humility, but because of the arrogance of Christians. Certainly, ...

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  • A humorous moral(e)

    Nadia Delicata

    “All jokes are grievances” claimed the media guru Marshall McLuhan… or, if I dare improve on the Master’s kernel of wisdom, “Good jokes are grievances.”   A sobering thought to begin a post on humour… but to prove my point that ROTFL kind-of-jokes are really thinly-veiled gripes against perceived wrongs, ...

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  • Just Question Marks

    Martin Gauci

    EVERY BREATH WE TAKE, EVERY MOVE WE MAKE seem to finish with “?“ It seems to have been so since time immemorial. (TO QUESTION might be a motto engraved in every step covering our university campus.  But many seem to thread over it without realising it.) One great-grandfather asked:  How am I going to ...

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  • The Case for Water Diplomacy

    Andre Debattista

    Some international relations analysts predict that water is set to become the “next oil.” Ismail Serageldin, a distinguished scholar in the field of sustainability and development, predicts that future wars “will be over water unless we change the way we manage water.” Others dissent from this somewhat apocalyptic view. Notwithstanding ...

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  • Rainbow Politics

    Fr Blake

    Rainbows are genuinely captivating…contrast that to a sky full of dark clouds. The air feels damp, soon enough rain drops begin to fall. Soon the drops become a sheet of rain ruining your outdoor activities. But, as you turn to seek shelter, the sun breaks through the clouds. A feeling ...

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  • First Time Voters


    Throughout the last few months, a constant barrage of political material has dominated the local arena. Even though this phenomenon takes place every five years in what has become part of an unavoidable campaign to influence voters, political messages have taken an entirely new dimension this year, with online political ...

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  • A Mature Approach to the Upcoming Elections


    For many of us youths, this shall be our first experience of casting our opinion, thus helping determine the future of our nation. Without the inevitable drama and appearance contest, such a feat already seems huge; add the two completely different directions our parties are proposing, and you’ll soon find ...

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  • Why is the Vatican a State?

    Anton D'Amato

    Covering an area of less than 0.5km sq and having a population of around 800 persons (mostly clerics) the Vatican, or to be precise the Holy See, is officially a state and enjoys the status of a Permanent Observer to the UN (without voting rights). It has diplomatic relations with most ...

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