• Malta’s Environment Wishlist

    John Paul Cauchi

    In this election cycle, with political parties promising the earth and sky and everything in between, the environment of our country is often used as a trading card in party leader’s desperate attempts to get people to vote for them. With the oft-embarrassing track record on the environment of both ...

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  • What it means to be both Maltese and European

    Dr Alfred Sant

    ​Fuelled by globalisation and what is partly its by-product, immigration, identity issues have again become prominent in political and social debate. They have always been close to the surface of public affairs in Europe, a continental space which in human terms, developed par excellence as a conglomerate of different, if ...

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  • Change. Did we find an answer in 2013?

    Antoine Azzopardi

    It is now a known story and a known fact that the whole world saw a new wave of change kicked off in Tunisia a few years back. The famous Arab Spring also materialised into a bigger wave of change which in 2013 has spread into some new territories with ...

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  • Gay Marriage: The only way forward

    Jake Mamo

    With the bill regulating gay unions (or gay marriages) on our doorstep, we Christians stand at a fork leading us in two very different directions. Having discussed this matter with many people during the past few weeks, I am under the impression that the first direction is the one many ...

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  • Who should I look up to?

    Silence Dogood

    “Whereas your part is to go out to the battle of your City, where maybe death awaits you. This you know in your heart.” This summer I have taken to reading the magnificent works by J.R.R. Tolkien starting with The Hobbit and now just finishing with The Return of the ...

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  • In the national and humanitarian interest

    Anton D'Amato

    When noticing what has been going on for the past weeks, Malta seems to be a schizophrenic country to on lookers. While on the one hand applauding “ground breaking” decisions on civil liberties, at the same time we are facing a grave breach of the most basic of fundamental human rights ...

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  • Hackers aid to Turkey

    Matthew Pulis

    Entering the second week of unrest in Turkey, hackers have decided to put their finger in the pie too. Following unconfirmed reports that the Government in Turkey has blocked access to Facebook and Twitter amid the unrest over a development demolition has urged some hackers to retaliate. To add further ...

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  • Discover rather than define ‘Freedom’

    Andre Debattista

    Freedom is a subject explored by various thinkers, philosophers and politicians. It is an experience and a state-of-being which cannot be easily defined. Sometimes it seems to be a mere cliché or a rhetorical flourish. Political freedom often refers to the freedom from coercion. Former occupied territories view the attainment ...

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