• How much is too much?

    Christine Galea

    We might as well face it… the wedding season is in full swing! Indeed, May and June are reputed to be two of the most popular months for couples to tie the knot. And why not? The weather is normally absolutely beautiful during late Spring and the scorching summer heat ...

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  • 5 things I learnt about wedding planning in Malta


    Recently, my husband and I have been through our wedding preparation and planning phase. Since most of our friends are getting, or thinking of, getting married, we have heard a lot of advice and inside information on how to approach our wedding. I also had friends of mine rant about ...

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  • Bruno Mars meets Bernini in Heaven

    Sinclair Bugeja

    Sex and heaven appear to pertain to two distinct and irreconcilable realms. Yet Bruno Mars seems to remain unperturbed in mentioning both four times in his 300-word song ‘Locked out of Heaven’. To the scrupulous, the refrain “your sex takes me to paradise” might sound inappropriate if not downright offensive. Nevertheless ...

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  • Manifestos should Address the Right Issues

    Bernard Micallef

    After hours of watching political debates and reading numerous newspaper articles, I came to ask a simple question – what is it that this country is building its future on? The foundations, which are embedded in our history, should be central in electoral manifestos and should be tackled in this ...

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