• “Ajma!”

    Christine Galea

    It’s one of those Maltese interjections that are frustratingly impossible to translate accurately into the English language.  Not only. Even in our own language, it takes on a myriad of meanings, depending upon the tone in which it is expressed.   One could say that, in its simplest form, spoken in ...

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  • HYS! – The plight of refugees

    Dr Mark Said

    Imagine you were an irregular or illegal immigrant. Millions of families have lost their homes because of violence and warfare. Just a single refugee family, shelterless, is, for some, too much to bear. What would you do if general warfare or regional strife were to endanger the lives of your ...

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  • To keep or not to keep … the refugees

    Rosienne Farrugia

    World refugee day was last month and there has already been an excellent post on the topic. But in view of the very recent developments on our tiny, friendly Malta where we welcome everyone with open arms (provided they are fair skinned and, preferably, blue eyed), I thought another go ...

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  • Why drugs?

    Nigel Camilleri

    Drugs, a topic which always raises eyebrows, gets people listening, rouses curiosity and which most often leads to people having a strong opinion about. What do we think the reasons for this may be? In Malta, in 1995, 2% admitted to the use of illicit drugs, in 1999 this rose ...

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  • ETHICS. Thought or Feeling?

    Antoine Azzopardi

    It is very easy for us, living in our contemporary society, to discuss ethical issues making use of particular and very specific cases which soften our insights rather than remain at arm’s length with an objective point of view so as to discuss matters avoiding emotional input. It is not ...

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  • Becoming Champions

    Bernard Micallef

    Reaching the Champions League final is no easy feat.  Reaching it three times in four years is something extraordinary.  Not only that: from the two previous finals played, Bayern Munich have failed to win both, putting higher pressure to succeed in tomorrow’s final. Losing for the third time would definitely ...

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  • Some things I hate and others I like about Easter

    Christian Colombo

    Once, a boy was standing in front of his father’s new car. The idea of slipping into the car and driving it was tentalising. In no time he got into the driver’s seat and was marvelling at the steering wheel, switches, pedals, levers. A few seconds later he found himself ...

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  • Money makes the World go Round (?)

    John Paul Cauchi

    Warning for those labellers out there: This is no communist manifesto. Nor is it a socialist agenda. This is simply a mere observation of the facts. There is no doubt that our small planet is facing many-a-crisis these days. Climate Change, Huge wealth disparities, Wars, Rampant Political Corruption… you name ...

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