• By force of habit

    Jean Govè

    In “The Republic,” Plato proposed the analogy of the human soul and the State. He held that the State should be a reflection of the soul – and its final and primary aim was the attainment of the virtue of justice. Last Monday’s events speak volumes on the soul of ...

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  • Just when we think it cannot get worse…

    Sara Zingariello

    … it does. There are no answers, just more questions. I sit here, writing this reflection just hours after a terrible event has reshaped our identity. We are not the same people we were yesterday, or perhaps we are but we can no longer hide behind a wall and pretend ...

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  • Il-Vjaġġ


    Nista’ ngħid li l-esperjenzi tiegħi bħala persuna gay huma esperjenzi uniċi li ffurmawni u għadhom qed jiffurmawni, kif wara kollox huma l-esperjenzi li kull wieħed u waħda minna jgħaddu minnhom kuljum. T’età żgħira kont diġà nħoss ġibda lejn l-għalliema rġiel fl-iskola primarja tiegħi, però ma kontx nifhem x’qed jiġri ġo fija. ...

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  • A Red Camel

    MarieLou Camilleri

    A red camel. Yepp, that’s the first thing my eyes see through my thick glasses´ lenses when I sit down at my office desk.  It’s a sort of play mobile toy which my colleagues gave me on my first day at work.  They said it would be my mascot. It’s ...

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  • One Pound Camera

    Joanna Demarco

    In 2014 I came across a cardboard box full of point and shoot cameras selling for £1 each at a carboot sale in London. I picked a grey, chunky Canon one out of the box, which I’m guessing was made some time in the 90’s.  I bought it thoughtlessly, and ...

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  • What it means to be both Maltese and European

    Dr Alfred Sant

    ​Fuelled by globalisation and what is partly its by-product, immigration, identity issues have again become prominent in political and social debate. They have always been close to the surface of public affairs in Europe, a continental space which in human terms, developed par excellence as a conglomerate of different, if ...

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  • Malta’s EU Presidency – a few reflections

    Dr Lawrence Gonzi

    Malta’s EU Presidency is taking place during a defining moment for all of us. It is happening at a time when we are surrounded by political turmoil and uncertainty which is questioning most of our long standing values chief amongst which are our belief in the dignity of the human ...

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  • To Life and Good Health, Part 1

    Benjamin Portelli

    There is a peaceful little church in Rabat that’s commonly known as Tas-Saħħa, though it has two dedications, one as a Church of St Francis, and the other as a Sanctuary of Our Lady of Good Health. I had the good fortune of being shown around the church by Fr ...

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  • Surviving the Jungle


    The wait was over and off we were on board of an airplane, headed to Brussels. Picked up our rental car and off to France. The camps, well, I had mixed feelings. I admit, I had low expectations to what I will find in the refugee camps in Dunkirk and ...

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  • Bogħod mill-qalb

    Benjamin Portelli

    Have you heard about the Swiss cart-rut photographer? Monika Trinkler has visited Malta twice a year since 1983. A lover of history, Ms Trinker sought, and failed to find, a guide to all the cart ruts in Malta, ultimately embarking on a project to map the cart ruts herself (ToM link). One particular quote struck ...

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