• The three Ps

    Jean Claude Attard

    Thierry Henry recently recalled how his former FC Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola had a system based around the “three Ps” – position, possession and play. Perhaps the beautiful game, with its ironies and obscenities, is somehow a reflection of the life we lead. Insights from football characters like the now ...

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  • Time to Grow

    Martina-Anne Attard

    Travelling is a mystery in itself; it is a reality that needs to be experienced in order for it to be understood. Whilst travelling, we are more connected with what is happening around us: with the people, with the country and with its lifestyle. As a result of meeting new individuals and coming across new situations ...

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  • A volunteer’s perspective

    Maria Vella

    Last summer I finally managed to make my dream come true: that of volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity, otherwise known as the Sisters of Mother Teresa, in Kolkata, India. I have always wanted to be a missionary and the fact that Mother Teresa is very close to my heart ...

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  • Defending the Common Good

    Dr John Paul Cauchi

    In this small country of ours, we often find ourselves wondering whether we have any concept of common good, or as it is more commonly known – public good. Some of you might say that we have a social welfare system that, despite its many faults, ensures that a common ...

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  • Bogħod mill-għajn…

    Benjamin Portelli

    It was summer and I was in Malta between semesters abroad. During term-time, I still favoured live conversations over other means of contact, especially emails, which I found repetitive. So, MSN Messenger was my go-to channel until it went out of fashion. After that, I admit I was a tough ...

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