• Third day musings

    Mario Gerada

    “The garden is the only living art work that men can do, and in which the walker enters an experience that transforms him by returning to his own origins.” Fernando Caruncho Like our bodies, plants don’t lie. And yet, many of us seem to have been completely disconnected from that ...

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  • An Encounter with Beauty

    Pietre Vive Malta

    “Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.” – Edgar Allen Poe There must have been, at some point or other, an experience in your life in which you were moved to tears, or were gripped by an overwhelming need to bury your ...

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  • My brother’s keeper


    Outrageous! Shocking! These are only some of the emotions triggered upon learning the news of the recent happenings at the eastern German town of Schmölln. Not only did a young Somali man, aged 17, commit suicide just days after he had been dismissed from a psychiatric facility where he had ...

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  • A volunteer’s perspective

    Maria Vella

    Last summer I finally managed to make my dream come true: that of volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity, otherwise known as the Sisters of Mother Teresa, in Kolkata, India. I have always wanted to be a missionary and the fact that Mother Teresa is very close to my heart ...

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  • Save the jungle!


    Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a refugee? I have done that a thousand times, and so far I still have not got a reply. However I can tell what it feels like to sit next to one, to feel welcome in their own camps, to ...

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  • Why are we?

    Jean Claude Attard

    So much seems to be going on around us; the run up to the American election is getting wilder, fear of terrorism is engulfing Europe and we still seem somehow to be entrapped in our little, petty things. It is within this context that I welcome you to zuntier.com. Għaqda ...

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