• “Ajma!”

    Christine Galea

    It’s one of those Maltese interjections that are frustratingly impossible to translate accurately into the English language.  Not only. Even in our own language, it takes on a myriad of meanings, depending upon the tone in which it is expressed.   One could say that, in its simplest form, spoken in ...

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  • Kissing the Lord, a Post-Paschal Reflection

    Pyt Farrugia

    “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is sweeter than wine,” begins the Song of Songs, attesting to the ancient beauty of the kiss in Scripture. As a man who loves men, kisses exchanged between members of my gender hold a particular fascination. In ...

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  • Mixja ma’ Kristu bħala persuna LGBTIQ


    Forsi minħabba t-trobbija tagħna, ħafna minna jaħsbu li l-ispiritwalità u s–sesswalità huma għedewwa ta’ xulxin. Nażżarda ngħid li għal min jaqa’ taħt l-ispektrum tar-realtà gay din it-taqtigħa taf tkun aktar qawwija, speċjalment għal dawk li għadhom jaħsbu li l-imħabba bejn raġel u raġel, jew mara u mara, hi ħażina. Fil-każ ...

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  • Why agara? Why Lebanon?


    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi. Volunteering gives you a chance to change at least one individual’s perspective to life, be it by helping physically, financially, emotionally or socially, it gives you time to build a relationship with a ...

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  • Re-awakening fallen giants

    Bernard Micallef

    On the 8th of March we generally celebrate Women’s Day, but this year this date will be remembered for a giant that has fallen, and a fallen giant that has been re-awakened. I am referring to the fall of one of nature’s most beautiful sites – the Azure Window, which left ...

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  • Humanity at the Crossroads

    Pietre Vive Malta

    Reflection on “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymous Bosch (c. 1500) “For he spake and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast”. So does Hieronymous Bosch introduce us to this most stunning Triptych, which we now call “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. On the exterior shutters, the ...

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  • Diversità

    Wayne Farrugia

    Jekk timraħ f’dak li hu preżenti fi żmienna, tintebaħ kemm hawn aljenazzjonijiet. Il-kunċett ta’ aljenazzjoni kif muri fil-qasam soċjoloġiku permezz ta’ teoriji klassiċi kif ukoll kontemporanji, jirreferi għal tip ta’ kundizzjoni fir-relazzjonijiet soċjali waqt li tirrifletti grad baxx fl-integrazzjoni u grad għoli t’iżolazzjoni bejn l-individwi. Skont it-teorija Marxista l-aljenazzjoni titfaċċa ...

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  • Desiring Difference

    Pyt Farrugia

    It seems to me that the human struggle to make sense of desire, both conscious and unconscious, is universal. After all, we are created in this way – we are in need of one another, irrespective of our cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation, or systems of belief. It is ...

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  • Sacredlessness

    Jean Claude Attard

    Making sense of 2016 might be a tricky endeavour. Our anxieties about clothing this past year, however, offer a glimpse of what we have been through, and perhaps even more significantly, why. This comes as no surprise. Fashions mirror values, they are a reliable barometer of change, and whatever trend ...

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  • Male and female he created them… and whoops!

    Mario Gerada

    One of the quotes frequently used when discussing gender and sexual orientation matters – which always includes a discussion about unions and marriage, is the first creation narrative, often quoted very solemnly, “… male and female he created them…”, and for those who believe, this is a serious and foundational ...

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