• Sacredlessness

    Jean Claude Attard

    Making sense of 2016 might be a tricky endeavour. Our anxieties about clothing this past year, however, offer a glimpse of what we have been through, and perhaps even more significantly, why. This comes as no surprise. Fashions mirror values, they are a reliable barometer of change, and whatever trend ...

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  • In praise of poverty (1): Poverty as a chosen lifestyle

    Robert Falzon

    There are many aspects to poverty. Of course what usually comes to mind when we hear the word ‘poverty’ is usually something negative and undesirable. We tend to immediately associate poverty with lack of human dignity and injustice. No doubt that these are realities in the world and there’s no ...

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  • A world with no faith


    A number of individuals believe religion is a moral evil and a destructive force to be shunned. They propose that a world with no faith in God would be a better place since this belief defies logic and reason. These arguments are not novel. Some public intellectuals have added their ...

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  • Lumen Fidei and Nietzsche

    Pyt Farrugia

    With exams over and summer days stretching ahead of me, I’ve been eager to explore Pope Francis’ first encyclical Lumen Fidei. Drafted by Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, it’s a rare and special thing to have a work created by two popes and coinciding with the announcement of the canonization of ...

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  • In the national and humanitarian interest

    Anton D'Amato

    When noticing what has been going on for the past weeks, Malta seems to be a schizophrenic country to on lookers. While on the one hand applauding “ground breaking” decisions on civil liberties, at the same time we are facing a grave breach of the most basic of fundamental human rights ...

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  • D-Day – that day, today and every day!

    Martin Bugelli

    The entrance to the British War Cemetery in Bayeux has this inscription – “Nos a Gulielmo Victi Victoris Patriam Liberavimus”. Translated (We who were conquered by William have now liberated his country), this elegant Latin phrase bridges a millennium of turbulent history from 1066 to 1944. The similarities between the ...

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  • Discover rather than define ‘Freedom’

    Andre Debattista

    Freedom is a subject explored by various thinkers, philosophers and politicians. It is an experience and a state-of-being which cannot be easily defined. Sometimes it seems to be a mere cliché or a rhetorical flourish. Political freedom often refers to the freedom from coercion. Former occupied territories view the attainment ...

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  • The erosion of the work/life balance

    Andre Debattista

    The culture of dependency is becoming a dominant feature of contemporary society. Economic crises puts pressure on both the labour market and the provision of welfare services. As uncertainty increases, many are becoming dependent on institutions over which they have no control. Some may be totally dependent on social security; ...

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  • Some things I hate and others I like about Easter

    Christian Colombo

    Once, a boy was standing in front of his father’s new car. The idea of slipping into the car and driving it was tentalising. In no time he got into the driver’s seat and was marvelling at the steering wheel, switches, pedals, levers. A few seconds later he found himself ...

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  • Chastity is not Lack of Sexuality

    Antoinette Laferla

    Chastity brings to mind the word purity.  However, if one asks about the connection between chastity and sexuality, there might be puzzled looks around.  Is it possible to live chastity in marriage?  Now that is a puzzler!  This enigma is present only because of lack of proper understanding of what ...

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