• Malta’s EU Presidency – a few reflections

    Dr Lawrence Gonzi

    Malta’s EU Presidency is taking place during a defining moment for all of us. It is happening at a time when we are surrounded by political turmoil and uncertainty which is questioning most of our long standing values chief amongst which are our belief in the dignity of the human ...

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  • Shameful silence and shocking speech

    Anton D'Amato

    The Mediterranean sea is more than ever becoming a burial site where name-less corpses are being laid to rest after their journey on earth ended roughly at sea. A week has passed since two contrasting episodes happened a few hours from each other incredibly contrasting but both telling of certain ...

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  • In praise of poverty (1): Poverty as a chosen lifestyle

    Robert Falzon

    There are many aspects to poverty. Of course what usually comes to mind when we hear the word ‘poverty’ is usually something negative and undesirable. We tend to immediately associate poverty with lack of human dignity and injustice. No doubt that these are realities in the world and there’s no ...

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  • HYS! – The Inauguration Mass question

    Gavin Muscat

    Prior to 2012 the university’s yearly academic opening ceremony held at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall included a Mass. Last year however the Mass was celebrated at the University Campus Chapel after the events in the Hall had taken place. A petition has been started in support of the re-inclusion ...

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  • The need to read, and the right to write!

    Martin Bugelli

    What is man’s greatest discovery or invention? Twelve people in a room trying to answer this question would probably come up with no less than thirteen answers – fire, the wheel, electricity, television, the internal combustion engine, penicillin would be some ideas touted, with so many others, that agreement on ...

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  • Silence and community

    Andre Debattista

    Silence is a necessary pre-requisite for effective communication. It allows us to listen and respond to words and actions. It may also be an invitation for reflection and meditation. The Scottish poet, George MacKay Brown, writes in his autobiography that “we move from silence into silence, and there is a ...

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  • Mums and Dad: 3 parent babies

    Rosienne Farrugia

    In June the United Kingdom took the first step towards drafting the legislation, to be discussed in parliament, to approve the testing of an IVF procedure which creates what are colloquially being called ‘3 parent babies’. I agonised over writing that first sentence because having read the comments on most ...

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  • HYS! – The plight of refugees

    Dr Mark Said

    Imagine you were an irregular or illegal immigrant. Millions of families have lost their homes because of violence and warfare. Just a single refugee family, shelterless, is, for some, too much to bear. What would you do if general warfare or regional strife were to endanger the lives of your ...

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  • Sunday service for atheists

    David Cilia

    The AHA, as the American Humanist Association is generally referred to, is a very active and belligerent association by way of advocating its beliefs.  For instance, it was reported that: On July 17, 2013, the AHA managed to block a war memorial in California since it had a cross depicted ...

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