• Esperjenza fiż-ŻAK

    Maria Zammit

    Iż-ŻAK (Żgħażagħ Azzjoni Kattolika) għalija ma tfissirx biss organizzazzjoni li tieħu ħsieb l-formazzjoni taż-żgħażagħ iżda tfisser: familja. Ilni membru f’din l-għaqda madwar 10 snin. Wara ftit li bdejt nattendi l-laqgħat ta’ formazzjoni, bdejt ukoll immexxi grupp ta’ żgħażagħ flimkien ma’ leaders oħra permezz tat-taħriġ offrut mill-istess għaqda. Tajt u għadni ...

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  • “Għid żarbun mhux ‘shosie’”

    L-Għaqda tal-Malti – Università

    Ikolli nammetti li, anke jekk mhux il-ħin kollu, noqgħod attenta ħafna għal-lingwaġġ użat mit-tfal. Kull kelma li tingħad, hemm storja warajha. Iżda l-mistoqsija li dejjem tkun qed tberren f’moħħi hi, it-tfal huma verament konxji tal-kliem li qed jużaw? Meta nisma’ lil xi tifla tuża kelma flok oħra jew verb ikkonjugat ...

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  • Save the Semitic

    Emil Anton

    A letter to the Maltese people: I would like to suggest that Maltese people should seriously study Arabic. As a Finn with Iraqi roots who wants to relearn his once-lost Arabic, I feel at home in semi-Semitic Malta, but I am disappointed by the lack of interest in Arabic on the part of ...

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  • Change it… but keep it!

    MarieLou Camilleri

    “My life has changed, and I’m changing with it” Sophie Kinsella, The Undomestic Goddess Every year the same song ‘As old as time’ (sung by journalists rather than by Angela Lansbury) about how the thousands of students who graduate each year find immediate employment. What they forget to harmonise in ...

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  • Mixing genders at school

    Antoine Azzopardi

    As the Education minister announced, the first co-educational school is to be introduced (http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20130420/local/co-ed.466239#.UnGEc_msiFw) and many where those who gave their opinion about this new concept for the Maltese State schools. Some followed a public outcry not to mix the lads for they risk letting off some mysterious attraction scent, whilst ...

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  • From civil unions to racism on zuntier.com


    In two days time  (on the 6th of November) zuntier.com is marking its first anniversary. Since it’s launch, the project attracted various contributions which stimulated a varied and interesting dialogue ranging across different viewpoints and disciplines. Civil Unions Bill No 20 has been tabelled at the Houses of Parliament for discussion ...

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  • Internet, grammar and spelling

    Dr Mark Said

    Martin Bugelli’s post on the need to read and the right to write (September 8, 2013) has prompted me to share a few thoughts here on this topic. The first dictionary was published in 1806 by Marion Webster, and ever since, the idea of an important principle that words be ...

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  • Reforming Education?

    Andre Debattista

    The debate at the start of the scholastic / academic year often focusses on several recurrent themes. For those in primary and secondary school, the issues may centre on the cost of books and uniforms, the amount of homework handed out and the various ways parents can support their children. ...

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