• Sacralising Feminism

    Jean Claude Attard

    Defining feminism is controversial. Not even self-acclaimed feminists seem to agree amongst themselves about what feminism is. Gloria Steinem famously claimed that “Feminism is not about a piece of the existing pie… It’s about baking a new pie.” The writer, lecturer, political activist and feminist organiser argues that feminism is ...

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  • Don’t waste your vote

    Maria Vella

    Coming from a background of voluntary work has lead me to having a close relationship with the poor. I know that Rita doesn’t make it till the end of the month with the pension she receives; Anna’s husband keeps her money so unless she receives providence she has absolutely no ...

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  • Desiring Difference

    Pyt Farrugia

    It seems to me that the human struggle to make sense of desire, both conscious and unconscious, is universal. After all, we are created in this way – we are in need of one another, irrespective of our cultural background, gender identity, sexual orientation, or systems of belief. It is ...

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  • In praise of poverty (1): Poverty as a chosen lifestyle

    Robert Falzon

    There are many aspects to poverty. Of course what usually comes to mind when we hear the word ‘poverty’ is usually something negative and undesirable. We tend to immediately associate poverty with lack of human dignity and injustice. No doubt that these are realities in the world and there’s no ...

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  • Summer, Work, Dignity!


    ‘At last, summer is here again!’ – Who knows how many students have uttered this expression! Usually students do not say this phrase on the 21st of June when summer officially starts, but rather on the last day of their examinations. Even though seasons define the different phases of the ...

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  • Immigration, Migration and Racism

    Andre Debattista

    During the second week of July, Maltese newspaper headlines seemed to revolve around issues of immigration and racism. Tensions are running high; the immediate response was emotive and highly personal. On a human level, all individuals have an inherent right to life, dignity and respect. On a political level, the ...

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  • A tribalism of fear

    Nadia Delicata

    “Who among us … has wept for the deaths of these brothers and sisters? Who has wept for the people who were on the boat? For the young mothers carrying their babies? For these men who wanted something to support their families? We are a society that has forgotten the ...

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  • In the national and humanitarian interest

    Anton D'Amato

    When noticing what has been going on for the past weeks, Malta seems to be a schizophrenic country to on lookers. While on the one hand applauding “ground breaking” decisions on civil liberties, at the same time we are facing a grave breach of the most basic of fundamental human rights ...

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