• Malta’s Environment Wishlist

    John Paul Cauchi

    In this election cycle, with political parties promising the earth and sky and everything in between, the environment of our country is often used as a trading card in party leader’s desperate attempts to get people to vote for them. With the oft-embarrassing track record on the environment of both ...

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  • Our national anthem that I hate

    Christian Colombo

    Of course I know the national anthem written by Dun Karm Psaila and composed by Robert Sammut but I am not referring to that one, the one which we try to sing while standing up and putting on a solemn face. For that one it is easy to fake an ...

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  • HYS! – The plight of refugees

    Dr Mark Said

    Imagine you were an irregular or illegal immigrant. Millions of families have lost their homes because of violence and warfare. Just a single refugee family, shelterless, is, for some, too much to bear. What would you do if general warfare or regional strife were to endanger the lives of your ...

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  • A world with no faith


    A number of individuals believe religion is a moral evil and a destructive force to be shunned. They propose that a world with no faith in God would be a better place since this belief defies logic and reason. These arguments are not novel. Some public intellectuals have added their ...

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  • The ice-cream genius

    Julian Micallef

    The heat is up. Summer is in. And the going gets tougher as soon as you hit the unsheltered pavement. Life is indeed beautiful, yet the weather and several other issues tend to create that much disliked wet blanket effect. If there was a choice I would do away with ...

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  • Why drugs?

    Nigel Camilleri

    Drugs, a topic which always raises eyebrows, gets people listening, rouses curiosity and which most often leads to people having a strong opinion about. What do we think the reasons for this may be? In Malta, in 1995, 2% admitted to the use of illicit drugs, in 1999 this rose ...

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  • Who is the refugee in Malta

    Anton Falzon

    Today is World Refugee Day and this made me ask myself who is a refugee and who are the refugees we are asked to remember on this day. Unfortunately certain people still pass certain comments such as ‘another boat full of those people has arrived!’, ‘Why don’t they find another ...

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  • Discover rather than define ‘Freedom’

    Andre Debattista

    Freedom is a subject explored by various thinkers, philosophers and politicians. It is an experience and a state-of-being which cannot be easily defined. Sometimes it seems to be a mere cliché or a rhetorical flourish. Political freedom often refers to the freedom from coercion. Former occupied territories view the attainment ...

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