• How much is too much?

    Christine Galea

    We might as well face it… the wedding season is in full swing! Indeed, May and June are reputed to be two of the most popular months for couples to tie the knot. And why not? The weather is normally absolutely beautiful during late Spring and the scorching summer heat ...

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  • Beyond folklore and tradition

    Andre Debattista

    The festa season has a peculiar way of announcing its annual arrival. By mid-June, those who are not festa enthusiasts need to develop an immunity to the sound of fireworks, the inconvenience of traffic diversions, the stench of grease emanating from food kiosk and the rowdy revellers accompanying village bands. ...

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  • St. George Preca for the youth in 2013

    Neil Aquilina

    “Can you share a cigarette with me, dear friends?” These were the first few words that Saint George Preca used to break the ice with a group of youths playing football in a field in front of Saint Cajetan Church, Hamrun. Probably, saying these words today Saint George Preca would ...

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  • Of ghouls, squash and (wo)men in red

    Nadia Delicata

    Among the less-celebrated joys of living in the Great White North is the predictability of the yearly calendar. Humid lazy summers lull you into sipping white wine while enjoying long barbecues with friends. Likewise, the frigid, desolate, hibernating winters make you seek the pleasures of hot cocoa while curled up ...

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