• Il-Vjaġġ


    Nista’ ngħid li l-esperjenzi tiegħi bħala persuna gay huma esperjenzi uniċi li ffurmawni u għadhom qed jiffurmawni, kif wara kollox huma l-esperjenzi li kull wieħed u waħda minna jgħaddu minnhom kuljum. T’età żgħira kont diġà nħoss ġibda lejn l-għalliema rġiel fl-iskola primarja tiegħi, però ma kontx nifhem x’qed jiġri ġo fija. ...

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  • “Ajma!”

    Christine Galea

    It’s one of those Maltese interjections that are frustratingly impossible to translate accurately into the English language.  Not only. Even in our own language, it takes on a myriad of meanings, depending upon the tone in which it is expressed.   One could say that, in its simplest form, spoken in ...

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  • Homosexuals, Sexuality and Legislation: A Context


    Culturally deviant. Possessed by the devil. Sick. Genetically disturbed. Biochemically imbalanced. Possessed by the Devil himself (or herself!). Throughout history, attitudes toward homosexuality have vacillated from sympathy and support to disdain and neglect. In 1974 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a pathological psychiatric condition from its authoritative ...

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  • Dialogue on zuntier: beyond “beliefs”

    Nadia Delicata

    It’s been almost a year since I was invited to enter and participate in this space called zuntier. I accepted the invitation because it promised to allow for “encounter”… indeed for that elusive reality of authentic exchange called “dialogue”. I also believed it was significant that the welcoming space was ...

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  • 80 youngsters creating a ‘mess’ in Malta

    Anton D'Amato

    Bishops are to expect a great ‘mess’ following the pope’s message to youths during the WYD. Of all that has been said about the WYD, I found really strange the hope of Pope Francis that youths are to go back to their dioceses and make a ‘mess’. In his own ...

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  • The WYD experience

    Bernard Micallef

    Life changing experiences are hard to come by. Some experiences take us by surprise; others take a while longer to leave their effect.  What we can definitely say is that these experiences take our lives to a whole new level. In these past few days we have witnessed hundreds of ...

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  • While reading the Sunday magazines

    Silence Dogood

    Whoever buys the newspaper on Sunday knows about the numerous magazines generously presented with the newspaper. Of all these, lately the Sunday Circle caught my eye. Usually I leave it on my desk and remains their till Monday when it ends up thrown away for recycling. I really loathe the ...

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  • Who is the refugee in Malta

    Anton Falzon

    Today is World Refugee Day and this made me ask myself who is a refugee and who are the refugees we are asked to remember on this day. Unfortunately certain people still pass certain comments such as ‘another boat full of those people has arrived!’, ‘Why don’t they find another ...

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