• Sacredlessness

    Jean Claude Attard

    Making sense of 2016 might be a tricky endeavour. Our anxieties about clothing this past year, however, offer a glimpse of what we have been through, and perhaps even more significantly, why. This comes as no surprise. Fashions mirror values, they are a reliable barometer of change, and whatever trend ...

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  • HYS! – What’s wrong with the Bible?

    Ramon Casha

    I am occasionally asked, by well-meaning Christians, how can I be good without God and the Bible. The truth is that I find the Bible to be a highly immoral book, in which God or his prophets perform immoral actions, but which are presented as moral because they were done ...

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  • The joy of wasting time

    Nadia Delicata

    A favourite cliché among churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike (and yes, since I use the word “church” I am primarily referring to Christians… though I suspect, brothers and sisters of other religious traditions might very well empathize!) is that the Sunday mass, service, liturgy or otherwise can be… ahem… a “waste ...

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  • A Religious Overdose

    Christian Colombo

    It is well known that extremist religious groups recruit their members at a very young age. Take the Taliban for example or the Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka. The possibilities of an impressionable young adult are enormous! It is thus not really surprising to hear of young suicide bombers or ...

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  • To keep or not to keep … the refugees

    Rosienne Farrugia

    World refugee day was last month and there has already been an excellent post on the topic. But in view of the very recent developments on our tiny, friendly Malta where we welcome everyone with open arms (provided they are fair skinned and, preferably, blue eyed), I thought another go ...

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  • Beyond folklore and tradition

    Andre Debattista

    The festa season has a peculiar way of announcing its annual arrival. By mid-June, those who are not festa enthusiasts need to develop an immunity to the sound of fireworks, the inconvenience of traffic diversions, the stench of grease emanating from food kiosk and the rowdy revellers accompanying village bands. ...

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  • D-Day – that day, today and every day!

    Martin Bugelli

    The entrance to the British War Cemetery in Bayeux has this inscription – “Nos a Gulielmo Victi Victoris Patriam Liberavimus”. Translated (We who were conquered by William have now liberated his country), this elegant Latin phrase bridges a millennium of turbulent history from 1066 to 1944. The similarities between the ...

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  • 6-step stress handling during exams

    Lorleen Farrugia

    If you are a student, you are probably looking forward for the summer to come, or for the next few weeks to pass as quickly as possible, just because it would mean exams will be over. Only then will it be time to relax! Right now exams however are constantly ...

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  • Bruno Mars meets Bernini in Heaven

    Sinclair Bugeja

    Sex and heaven appear to pertain to two distinct and irreconcilable realms. Yet Bruno Mars seems to remain unperturbed in mentioning both four times in his 300-word song ‘Locked out of Heaven’. To the scrupulous, the refrain “your sex takes me to paradise” might sound inappropriate if not downright offensive. Nevertheless ...

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  • Humour is a state of mind

    Angele Galea

    I had just started my first day at secondary school, when it hit me. I remember very clearly the moment I thought to myself “ I’m going to make these girls laugh so they’ll like me and become my friends”. Great wisdom at age 10, I think. It worked, so I relaxed into a ...

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