• The Fight between Carnival and Lent

    Pietre Vive

    As the days roll by, the Carnival vibes seem ever closer and alongside this, so does the kaleidoscopic reality it presents. Pieter Bruegel takes this celebration as a starting point for the chaotic scene depicted in ‘The Fight between Carnival and Lent’, and evokes a contrast between the former and ...

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  • Disclosing Truth

    Martin Bruno

    The Greeks were fascinated by the truth, but their truth is understandably a system that embraces man’s search for himself and his (her) place in the cosmic order. Maybe it’s precisely this insight that attracts us to the old Hellenes, because like us they essentially sought to understand the grinded ...

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  • Homosexuals, Sexuality and Legislation: A Context


    Culturally deviant. Possessed by the devil. Sick. Genetically disturbed. Biochemically imbalanced. Possessed by the Devil himself (or herself!). Throughout history, attitudes toward homosexuality have vacillated from sympathy and support to disdain and neglect. In 1974 the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality as a pathological psychiatric condition from its authoritative ...

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  • HYS! – What’s wrong with the Bible?

    Ramon Casha

    I am occasionally asked, by well-meaning Christians, how can I be good without God and the Bible. The truth is that I find the Bible to be a highly immoral book, in which God or his prophets perform immoral actions, but which are presented as moral because they were done ...

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  • While reading the Sunday magazines

    Silence Dogood

    Whoever buys the newspaper on Sunday knows about the numerous magazines generously presented with the newspaper. Of all these, lately the Sunday Circle caught my eye. Usually I leave it on my desk and remains their till Monday when it ends up thrown away for recycling. I really loathe the ...

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  • Who is the refugee in Malta

    Anton Falzon

    Today is World Refugee Day and this made me ask myself who is a refugee and who are the refugees we are asked to remember on this day. Unfortunately certain people still pass certain comments such as ‘another boat full of those people has arrived!’, ‘Why don’t they find another ...

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  • From the confessional to the chat

    Matthew Pulis

    The power of communication today does not run through the classical ways of communication; social networks/media make the world stop and go round at the same time. Sometimes I suspect that the Church hasn’t realized this yet. I still see that Church and the social networks relation still doesn’t create ...

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  • St. George Preca for the youth in 2013

    Neil Aquilina

    “Can you share a cigarette with me, dear friends?” These were the first few words that Saint George Preca used to break the ice with a group of youths playing football in a field in front of Saint Cajetan Church, Hamrun. Probably, saying these words today Saint George Preca would ...

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  • An app for everything… The Bible too!

    Stefan Buttigieg

    The revolution that has happened in our daily lives when it comes to mobile technology in the last few decades has been unprecedented. We used to carry mobile phones whose main role was to receive,send SMS and for calling. We are now in the era of smartphones we have the ...

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