Servant Leadership

Leadership is challenging to define, since there are many definitions. How would I define leadership? Leadership is about loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving neighbor. This definition is based on the Christian perspective, with all due respect to other faiths. Leadership is also about serving the people. It is not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Loving the people around you is being of service to them. A leader cares about all his followers and channels God’s love to them. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity and values their talents and capabilities. The leader brings out the best of people and encourages them to achieve high levels of performance. The leader also understands and listens to the followers. They are also humble to learn from the people.

We are all leaders of our everyday lives. We are leaders of our households, workplace, community and in so many ways. We can all contribute and make a difference to the world. Every person has a story to tell which could shed light to the world about new perspectives. We can all make the world a better place together.

We are all leaders of our everyday lives

We can all serve the greater good, by doing a little a day. It does not have to be something major or epic, but a small thing. Charity begins by giving a helping a hand at home and then extending it to the community. Contributing towards house chores is a great start, like washing the plates, cooking, taking out the garbage, cleaning at home, and doing the laundry. Community work may involve giving a helping hand to an NGO, the church or a non-profit organization. Taking part in conservation and a wide scale clean up of an area, for example. Acts of random kindness are another way one could contribute. A classical example is giving directions to people who are lost.

Serving as a lay Minister, for example, has been very rewarding in my experience. Reading the word of God as a minister of the liturgy has been very empowering. It is sharing what God wants to proclaim to the world. Serving as an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist as well has been extremely empowering. I am sharing God with the people. These two ministries are servant leadership during the Holy Mass.

By being a servant you are truly a leader of the people and the world

One’s work is also a contribution to the economy and societal development. Every person serves in his or her own respective way. Every job makes a difference to the greater good no matter what it is. A teacher, for example, must serve to improve the education of society. A doctor and nurse serve to take care of the health of patients. A janitor serves by keeping a place clean. Every person is an asset and should be valued. Leaders in particular should respect all social classes. A leader should respect people from all walks of life, no matter their background, race, age, religion.

The leadership form of Jesus Christ is servant leadership. It is about leading from behind and understanding the people. To move alongside the people and give them a helping hand. Being for them always no matter what. By being a servant you are truly a leader of the people and the world.

Mark is a Manager at Haartland and Co. and he carries out academic work and research about leadership applied to business. Mark is a graduate of Accountancy and Marketing from the University of Malta, having also completed an Erasmus exchange at the University of Bologna, and he is also a graduate of the International Business Masters Program from the University of Warsaw.

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